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Thinking of leaving group


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And going it alone. I'm in my 5th week and 6lbs down. I've done slimming world before, got to target then left & put a little bit back on. I know the plan like the back of my had.
My reasons for thinking of going it alone are as follows;
I work shifts so find it difficult to get to same group each week, and there's not groups everyday in my area. My usual group is a Wednesday morning. I've worked the last 2 Wednesdays. So last I weighed in on Monday, haven't weighed this week yet, going tomorrow. So that's 11 days between weigh ins. Then will weigh in on Wednesday at my usual group, that's 5 days between weigh ins! I rarely weigh in same time each week. My second reason is that I hate having flexible days when I know I've got group! I just can't do it lol. I think if I do it myself at home I can have my flexible days without feeling riddled with guilt! I've done it at home before but didn't do very well, but I wasn't really ready to loose the weigh if I'm honest. I am now though! What do you lot think?
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I went for 6 weeks and then left. I continued at home on my own, but you have to have willpower and determination. It's not easy but you can do it.
It really isn't for everyone, as some need to feel 'accountable' to someone in order to carry on or need the group support. No weigh in means you can cheat without feeling guilty.
So far I've carried on successfully, but some family issues that have recently cropped up has meant I've recently been off plan and I can see all the bad habits creeping back in straight away and although I know some weight has gone on and I need to get back on plan, because I'm not at group I don't feel I have to do this anytime soon. (dangerous territory) :eek:.
So my advice to you is give it a try, if you don't get on ok you can always go back. Good luck.
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It sounds like the group isn't for you .... so leave, I say!

Get your support from here and put your weekly fivers in a jar for a (non-food) treat when you hit a milestone.

Good luck! :D

P x


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Good luck trying it at home if that is what you want to do. Is there anyone that you could do it at home with for the support? You can always try and aee which one works best for you. Goos luck x
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If you feel the group isn't for you and you have good willpower I say do it from home. I went to group for a few months and then decided to do it at home. Group just isn't for me. I got to my target of 10 stone 3 lbs but have decided to reset it to 9 stone 10lbs. I just weigh at the gym each week instead. Good luck with your decision.
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It sounds like the group isn't for you .... so leave, I say!

Get your support from here and put your weekly fivers in a jar for a (non-food) treat when you hit a milestone.

Good luck! :D

P x
that's a good idwa, saving the money 4 a treat. I can't do it by my self at the moment, I would give my will power 3 or 4 out of 10 at the most, but I'd definitely try that if I did "go it alone"


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This is the first time I've joined a group, and I think as someone has already said, I needed to be accountable to someone...not a friend or family member. This is the first time after 101 diets, that my head really IS in the right place, I've read lots of good advice on here, plus I've got a little slimming group going on a different sort of forum, and we all support each other. I'm a pensioner and I could do with that £20 a month staying in my purse, but I NEED to lose weight, and I NEED to get healthy. I'm going to stick it out till Christmas...and then I shall have a rethink. I DO like the company and chat though, and in the few weeks I've been there I've made some new friends. If you have a friend to do it with, that really helps...and if you're finding it really difficult to get to group, or having to go to different ones just to get weighed, then I would say try it from home. There's a big thread of |Sw "doing it from home" you can get a buddy from the thread, every little bit helps. Good luck xx
I went to group for a long time and needed it back then but now I feel I know the plan well and with help from friends on here it suits me better going alone.
Being accountable to someone else helped me lose a lot of weight but now I don't want that pressure of having to explain myself if im a lb or 2 up because I had a night out or haven't been the loo or something like that and think that can make people do things that aren't that healthy in the long run to prevent gains like not eating on weigh day etc
But this said if I was to start gaining weight doing it by myself I would go back to group for the discipline etc
Have waffled a bit but what id suggest is what others have, give it a go alone and if you can't do it then go back to attending group :)


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Totally agree with Emsie. I've been to groups in the past and they were OK but if I hit a week or two when, even though I'd stuck religiously to plan, I put weight on or maintained, I found, having that announced at the meeting disheartened me. Since then I've tried a few times to go it alone at home but not got into it. However, this time round, my head was definitely in the right place when I began and I have total self-control. I started again in April but then in May, I found my true life line - this amazing group! It gives me all the support and friendship I could ever ask for and I'm loving the foods I eat (some recipes taken from this site). Just wish I'd discovered Minimins before. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. x



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Hi Lmg_! I think we can see from the posts above that some people are really doing well by themselves, I suspect they are strong willed and very determined people & I wish I could be more like them :)

I've been with SW for nearly a year now, I still have around 5st to lose so I suspect I'll be (trying to) lose weight for another year at least. I need the group to help me out, I need it for ideas, tips and to make me feel like I'm not in this alone. IT can be tiresome but it is important. IT isn't as enjoyable when you're sitting with a gain, but that's when IT is the most valuable. You have to think, why did that gain happen? Did I expect that gain? What will prevent me from getting a good loss next week? It's not nice to have to answer these questions aloud but I really think it helps put me in a more determined frame of mind.

Besides all that & most importantly, if you don't go to group, how can you get HiFi bars? ;)

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