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Thinking of moving from Cambridge Diet/Weight Plan


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Hi there,

I've been on the Cambridge Diet (which I have loved) since June last year and have lost 5 stones :D Lately, however, I've not been losing- I know it's not the diet's fault, but it's mine- I just can't stick to it!

Anyway, I was thinking of trying slimming world (I've done WW before and don't want to go back to counting points- argh!). I know the loss won't be as quick as CD, but it's better than cheating all the time and losing nothing!

Has anyone started SW after a total food replacement diet and how have they got on? I just want to get it all straight in my head before I see my counsellor and tell her I want to stop!

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Good luck claire i am also on CD and will be moving over to JUDDD in a week's time i hope, depends on this week's wi.!

5stone is a huge weight loss.x

Good luck x


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Hiya BubblyPenguin and well done on your amazing weight loss!! I think it's a brilliant idea that you want to move away from VLCD to a more sustainable and healthy diet like SW. However I think you should make your transition from shakes to food very gradual. I suggest talking to your counsellor and perhaps start your re-feed now, gradually adding in food. I know that CD is a very low carb plan and when you start adding in food, it's all low fat protein and almost no carbs so maybe when you've gone through the stages and feel comfortable with food then you can start with red days on SW and then gradually add in all the other the other yummy SW foods. I know its tempting to dive right into SW and enjoy all the lovely healthy free foods but I think you may suffer gains for a few weeks before your body rights itself which could be discouraging.

So yeah, talk to your counsellor, start your re-feed then focus on red days for a few weeks and gradually incorporate more carbs into your diet. I think this way you'll continue to lose steadily and enjoy your food!
hi , I am on CD too and going through exactly the same as you !! I have lost 6 stone 4 lb .. but am stuck now !!! I eat every weekend and am now only loosing about 1 lb a week , so was thinking I would be much better off on SW as I could loose the same or more , be able to eat loads , and not be paying for CD and cheating too ... but its so hard to make my mind up !!!!
I have just moved up to the 810 plan and think I may give it a week or 2 , then move onto 1000 before i start SW as like a PP said .. if you go straight onto SW from TFR you will gain carb and water weight in the first week ( although if you are prepared for this it doesnt really matter as you will soon loose it again :)
Let me know if you decide to do it .. i have been thinking about it for ages .. have just bought 2 weeks worth of CD products and was gonna see what this fortnight brings before deciding .. its a hard decision .... good luck


Recovering Foodaholic
S: 17st7lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the advice guys- I actually have been eating a fair bit of food for some time, hence the lack of loss and me wanting to change diets- I was also interested in the red days and was hoping to follow these mostly (combined with a few green to help introduce carbs properly). The thing is I've been eating all the wrong things and feel like I'm developing a worse relationship with food than before- don't get me wrong, I love CD and think it's a brilliant diet, and should follow it through to the end, but it's not working for ME at the moment. I don't want a complete break from dieting and regain all that weight, but I don't want to spend another year weighing food!

I know that I'm a 'protein type' which means my body works better on higher protein, lower carb, this is why SW appeals to me as I can still be in total control of that without counting carbs!

I'm so nervous about telling my counsellor as she's been AMAZING- she's a nutritionist as well- I feel soooo guilty about changing, but then I feel guilty for every mouthful I take of food right now and guilty for not losing as much as I should- that's not a healthy way to keep on living!

I've still a few weeks worth of shakes lingering, but was wondering if I could use those as part of the SW first couple of weeks to help with the change?


Is a crunchy mama!
S: 13st13lb G: 9st9lb
Awww don't feel guilty! It's your life and your plan, like you said you need to do what works for you. I think you'll be surprised that your counsellor would turn out to be a lot more supportive than you think. She can't make you want to do CD and if you're not in the CD groove anymore then nothing she says will motivate you. If you've been eating for a while already then I suggest getting stuck into red days and forget those shakes! Best of luck hun!

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