Thinking of re-starting but need some advice please

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Nellyphant, 8 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. Nellyphant

    Nellyphant Silver Member

    Hello everyone

    I've spent the last couple of hours trawling through all the Food Replacement Forums wondering which one would be best for me.

    I tried LL 5 years ago and spent 5 weeks constantly dizzy with blurred eyesight etc. Am considering trying again as I know it works and I think they've increased their food packs to 4 a day instead of 3.

    Have the food packs increased? What about choice of food packs?

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  3. MagdaX

    MagdaX is Magdalicious

    I have done LL before as well and it was 3 years ago.
    I've always been given 4 foodpacks which you had to have with 4 litres of water.
    I didn't know they did 3 before and it really surprise me because to get all the nutriens and vitamins you need, you have to have 4 a day!!
    I've never had dizzy spells or felt unwell so i can't give you much of a feedback there.
    I would suggest to book an appointment with your local LLC and i am sure they will answer all your questions!
    Good luck with whatever you decide hun!
  4. SexyBecks1

    SexyBecks1 is loving CWP xx

    I think LL has possible come a long way in 5 years. As magiclove said, speak witha LLC and I'm sure they will able to advise you. Or you can wait for the replies of non-biased encouragement on here. I couldn't recommend LL enough. I have met some fantastic friends at the meetings and I'm sure we will still be friends when we have all finished.

    Good luck with whatever you decide x x
  5. thin_inside

    thin_inside I Can Do This!

    I love this programme and have had loads of support from here and at my meetings. Good luck with whichever programme you choose.

    The food packs available on LL at the moment are:

    Shakes - banana, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
    Soups - mushroom, vegetable, thai chilli, chicken and tomato
    Bars - Fruit, peanut, rasberry and cranberry, lemon, toffee

    Plus there are three flavours of water flavourings available.

    £66 for four foodpacks a day, drop-ins, weekly weigh in and counselling meeting.
  6. mikey

    mikey Silver Member

    Porridge isn't a bar BTW :)
  7. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    Depends on how thick you make it, Mikey! lol :p
    sukie sue likes this.
  8. mikey

    mikey Silver Member

    Hey Pete,
    well I think anyone would struggle to turn it into as bar!

    I have been using less and less water each time (after starting at 140ml as recommended) and it still boils up over the top yet still remains liquid!

  9. thin_inside

    thin_inside I Can Do This!

    You're right - it isn't a bar and neither is it a soup or a shake. That's why I put it on it's own line below.

    Sorry you misread it - your eyes must have inserted a comma and joined it up to the list of bars on the line above. Been to an optician recently?
  10. MagdaX

    MagdaX is Magdalicious

    thin inside
    they are joking! Of course we all know porrige isn't a bar.
    Cheer up Hun ;)
  11. mikey

    mikey Silver Member

    Aah - right - My eyesight is fine thanks anyway, but you are right to place it in its own category :)

    I guess it should be listed as Other, or none of the above, or weird stuff!
  12. sukie sue

    sukie sue this is My time to shine!

    weird stuff ??? lol i looove the porridge , wish theyd had it 3 years ago , mind it worked without so mute point i guess :0) xxx
  13. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    Hello! just a quick word on the change of number of packs. It's not actually more over the course of a day...just the same amount spaced into 4 lots instead of 3. So effectively...just smaller "meals".

    Confused though...5 weeks is an awful long time to spend being dizzy. Did you go to the doctor to get checked out?
  14. lucylastic

    lucylastic Silver Member

    Re the dizziness - presumably you had your blood pressure checked a couple of times while you were on the programme - at the start and at week 4? If it wasn't low, perhaps you weren't drinking enough water - I know I get dizzy spells if I don't have enough, particularly if I have been exercising as well.
  15. Nellyphant

    Nellyphant Silver Member

    I was drinking over 4 litres of water every day so it wasn't that. I went to my GP and he dismissed it. Blood pressure was always absolutely fine. I was exercising a lot though, so maybe too much for what I was taking in.
  16. Anders

    Anders Full Member

    Got to be careful with the exercise... I started doing the gym last week (3 times) with what I thought was light exercise - 1/2 hr on the treadmill alternately jogging/walking for 3 mins at a time followed by some light weights for 10 mins. By the end of the week I was really tired.

    Could still be low blood pressure - every time I go to the docs my blood pressure reads high (147/90 ish) when I do it myself it is much lower. This is called "white coat hypertension" and is caused by being anxious when you visit the docs.
  17. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    ditto on the "be careful with the exercise" thing.

    I spend a good hour in the gym every other day now, but it's taken me a few weeks to get used to it, to begin with I was tired all the time but I just figured that's to be expected, after all, I'm unfit! lol

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