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Thinking of starting exante, inspire me!

I am currently a student and the lifestyle is taking its toll on me! I am debating starting exante, I have done CD and WW before to no avail!! I like the look of exante because they are doing the bumper pack and on a student loan this is crucial and also because I can eat if I want to because of course being a student there are many a night out and I can only be the sober one on so many nights before I get fed up! I am sick of being a fat student and having it hinder my experience. I also have decided to stay here in bournemouth for the summer so I would like to be beach ready!

Please please inspire me!!! Although I am half way there reading these posts. Any advice is very welcome xx
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We are not here to 'sell' exante to you, you need to be suitably inspired for yourself to take the plunge and stick with it - because after all, in those niggly craving moments, you only have yourself and *your* inspirations to fall back on.

However if to give you food for thought (no pun intended):-

1) do the maths, specifically in relation to outlay per lb lost;
2) Look at the slideshow, available elsewhere on the site;
3) Really think about what it would mean to you. You say that your weight was affecting your student experience - A VCLD will really knock it for six. Would you consider it worth it?

I'm afraid the only person that can properly inspire you to do a VLCD, is you....

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Erm much as I hate to be a voice of doom, you can't really "eat if you want to" if you want the diet to work, not on total solution anyway.

On working solution you can indeed eat, but only a very limited range of foods and only one meal a day.

Either way if you are in ketosis drinking is a no-no, not just becasue of the calories but because it can be dangerous, there's a thread about it around here somewhere, browse back a bit.

If you are looking for a diet that won't interfere too much with your student lifestlyle then despite its current attractive price Exante may not be for you. However, if you are prepared to make some fairly major sacrifices for a relatively short time in order to get the body that you really want, then it probably is!

What you could consider doing is maybe doing it in stages: do the Exante for a month and you should drop at least a stone. Use the time out from food and drink to analyse your lifestyle and see if you can see where you are going wrong, then at the end of the month revert to healthy eating and see if you can maintain that loss for a set period of time, one month, 3 months, six months, whatever. Then do Exante again for another month, and maintain again, etc etc.

Note though that if you don't manage to maintain you are wasting your time and money cos your head probably isn't in the right place for a TFR diet like Exante, not yet anyway.

I have become something of an Exante evangelist since I started with it, and a few of my friends and family are also now doing it due to seeing how well I am doing, which is nice.

I'm also a realist though, this diet is not for everyone. It's not a "quick fix" either, it's bloody hard work sometimes and you need to really want your goal for it to work properly.

A VLCD is not something you can dip in and out of at whim. In fact, it that's what you fancy may I point you towards the JUDDD diet (there's a forum subsection on it here) where you have alternate days of normal food and them a MAX of 500 cals? Sounds like it may be more what you are looking for? I can't vouch for it's success personally as it's one of the few diets I have never tried over the years, but the people who post on that bit of the forum seem to be doing Ok with it. :)
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Hi chuckie, I completely empathise with your situation but these ladies are right. You really must consider every angle and this is not a diet you can dip in and out of. I just graduated last year and I know I couldn't have sacrificed the student lifestyle for an extreme diet like this. (I still find nights out tough and cheat a little with a diet coke! which my friends think is my usual vodka n coke - bunch of lads wouldn't understand why I'm on a diet or why it means i can't drink) If I was still a student I think I would wait until I was on leave for the summer. A good couple of months on exante and go back in september a good couple of stone lighter. I managed to lose weight at uni, only a stone over the course of a couple of years but I didn't have to compromise on anything. I walked EVERYWHERE if there was a house party 2miles away I walked there, I lived over a mile from uni and walked there and back everyday sometimes more if i had large gaps between lectures. And i was in so many societies and music ensembles that I was constantly busy. No time to snack between meals. Throw yourself into all aspects of student life not just the nights out and drunken stops at the takeaway and you'll probably find some of the weight may fall off quite naturally.


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please don't drink on exante
you could become Ill
all of us here have stuck religiously to the diet, it ain't easy (read miss d's and yams blogs, they give a realistic view of what you would go through
a bumper pack is 4 weeks food unless you are doing the working solution, and the WS is not easy either, you are strict with low carb food and still no drinking
you can't cheat
and there is no point doing it as you don't lose weight
it's a lot of soul searching for you to do

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