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Thinking of starting JUDDD read this first it may just convince you to start


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Read this link
Feast or famine: The diet that won't just help you lose weight, you'll live longer and be brainier! | Mail Online

If you google alternate day dieting you will find loads more saying the same thing;)

Another good reason (I found my body shape was slimming down much faster than my actual weight so did a bit of research and found this info in a few websites so thought I would sharefor anyone interested in starting its quite an incentive x)

A big benefit to using alternate day fasting for weight loss is that your weight loss will be almost purely fat loss, because intermittent fasting prevents your body from cannibalizing your muscle tissue.
In an average weight loss diet, 25 percent of the weight you loss is muscle tissue. That means if you're losing two pounds each week, only 1.5 pounds is fat.
With alternate day fasting, a two pound weight loss would result in the loss of 1.95 pounds of fat. Losing an extra half pound of fat each week can make a big difference in terms of inches and appearance.
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yeah it makes sense!!


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It only suggests meal replacements so that you can be accurate about your cals and not unwittingly go above your DD limit which is the most important factor, if you find it easier then use the replacements but as long as you accurately count your cals and don't guess you can eat anything, whatever you find easier really;)
I am very excited about starting!! I think it will be really good for me.
how much have u lost karen?
This diets sounds good whats the average weight loss ?


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Roughly 2lbs a week for me , take a look at my sig, thats not bad when I am only dieting for 3 days a week and believe me I like to enjoy my UP days;)
yeah that sounds good bajoleth!! i have my first down day tmro!! actually excited lol
I know its strange, I have weirdly enjoyed my DD day today as I had enough of food over the weekend and I really would like to see a loss on the scale this week and its my DD's that make that happen, so I am embracing them ! lol
All the best for tomorrow and remember if you feel yourself struggling, just keep saying " its only 1 day, its only 1 day" it keeps me focused and on track x
yeah ive kinda had.enough of food over the weekend. Today will be a welcome respite.
Hope today goes well for you, I woke up this morning after DD yesterday feeling much better, tummy feeling flatter and I feel good about eating today ;)
I've lost a stone and a half and at the moment (I'm very focussed because of holiday approaching) I'm losing about 4lbs a week but that's not sustainable I don't think
thats amazing karenlou...I hope I lose at least 1lb this week and ill be happy...stuck to it today on my down day looking forward to eggs for breakfast tmro!! yay!
id be ecstatic with 2lbs a week....I seem to yoyo up and down on diets sts for what seems like eternity so to have a steady loss would be a dream.
So you dont have to go low carb? Count fats? I saw a pot of pills on the website?

Its just given me DD - 469 UD - 2347, does that sound right? I am still looking around here, so may find the answers myself lol
So you dont have to go low carb? Count fats? I saw a pot of pills on the website?

Its just given me DD - 469 UD - 2347, does that sound right? I am still looking around here, so may find the answers myself lol
No you can eat whatever foods you like, ignore the pills , this diet is really simple keep your cals under 500 on your DD's be strict about this and enjoy your UP days, I don't religiously count cals on my UP's to be honest I just roughly guess but I never deprive myself of anything. The DD's are the key in my opinion, keep them low.
Basically by eating "feast or famine" your body does not go into starvation mode, therefore you use the calories from food, after a short while of eating in this manner the body releases the "skinny gene" which makes your body more efficient in using it fat reserves rather than saving them up, there are lots of good effects on the body by eating in this manner.
This diet works, take a look at my signature, I started Juddd in Jan and loved it , only stopped cos my father died :( started back over 3 weeks ago and still loving it I lose on average 2 lbs a week and only do 3 DD's a week.
Any questions ask away , we are a really friendly bunch x

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