Thinking of starting lighter life


S: 11st1lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 31.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

I am thinking of joining Lighterlife lite. I am meeting with a consultant on Wednesday. I have been on WW for years and my weight goes up and down and I know I have issues with food and need to control how much I eat. I do like WW but i need a fresh start as got myself in a rut!

I don't have a lot to loose, about 1 1/2 stone would be good and realistic. I know you can eat one meal a day, but can anyone tell me what you are allowed, I am just worried when I go out for meals with friends and family what i can eat when I am out, and how this diet can work in your life?

Any help and advice will be appreciated?

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Hello and good look im the same as you WW weight STS or gains so been doing CD.! Five more pounds to go then never will have to worry about loosing the weight.
I will go back to weight watchers to maintain for life now.!

Good luck.x


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Sorry for butting in but it's all about preparing yourself as im out with friends this week for lunch they dont know im doing CD.! so will have a shake at home before i leave. And then have a coffee/tea/water.

It can work chick,.!!


Hello ALl im in the same boat , i need to lose 21 pounds to bee the slim sally that i was las April which i no longer am , i am the one to blam no one else, guilty as sin, I did he W8 program , but after a while ,felt that there has to be more to life than jsut worrying about what to put in my mouth and what not to , the taste of the shakes became a little too much to handle so theni went to the odd extreams and went mad with my food and drink, .I did how ever reach a point while not caring , and thought for a moment or two , -- that if i went beyound this point,ie of not caring then i would be very difficult to spin my self back in again,? does this make sence to any one ?
can any one shine any light on to this for me, >?? ive stared WW , but feel im not gaining any weight but im defo not losing any eitehr , i have a wedding to go to in March and i need to shift the weight , ive been on WW for four weeks and ive not shifted a pound, ( i know im not doing proper,) i need something a little more structured and strong .


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Hi sally i can relate to you thats y im on CD and loosing the weight i lost 5 lbs last satday.
hoping i do well this weekend but it is TOTM so will see then after im at my own goal of 10 stone i will return to ww to maintain the weight and hope not to gain or loose anymore weight.

why not read about CC/OR GI diet. im going to get the GI book today.

but can i ask y ure not doing ww propley?? on EVERRRRR 'diet' out there works. so speak to your leader and give ww a fair chance. i lost 1.5 stone on ww before i changed to CD.

p.s I accepted your request have a nose of my fat fotos ha


Sarah I did the same thing today...I went along to meet with my consultant she gave me allt he info and i saw the video, it sounds like your in the same boat as me i have 1 1/2 stone to lose as well.
ive done all about W8 before and i lost the weight then , i am also a member of WW , and have been for 4 weeks ive lost 4 pounds in total and not gained any more weight back since doing WW, I think that WW is fab and it give you the tools in life to eat real food and follow a good healty balanced diet for LIFE!
one thing i love and educated my self with , was having porridge in the morning and keeping full till lunch time and have a light meal at night a sandwich for lunch, it was great , but i was very aware of my points , i was on 19 points and followed the program but never realy lost as i should have , Lighter life is a lazy mans diet as you can have a shake for almost all your meals and not worry what to cook,.
The hard part is educating your self on what to eat and still keep it off and thats where WW comes in and plays the part i think,.
Any one have more views on this please let meknow,
Im about to start lighter life on SUNday, for one month / Two months im giving my self the Target of doing for that long and then doing WW.wish me luck and all the best to you Sarah.