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Thinking of starting lighterlife

S: 19st7lb
Hi all

About 4 years ago i lost over 6 stone with ww it was a long process but felt fantastic after doing it , ive since had a baby and im now at my heaviest over 19st im 5ft 10"

I just dont feel i would stick to ww as it is a good diet but i feel im so big it would take forever, and when your addicted to food how can u say "u can eat but only a little" ??, im so fed up of not being able to do the things i want cos of my weight my daugher has never been swimming i feel so ashamed of this

So this has made me think about lighterlife i know the diet works and u can maintain as long as you dont go abck to your old eating habits , but im thinking should i start now or wait unitll jan for a clear run, ive got xmas coming up and how ever much i would like to think i can get through xmas without eating the chances are id fail

sorry for the long post jst wanted to get all that of me chest lol

thankyou for listening
l x
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C: 18st8lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 49.1
Hello,ive not posted before,but have just decided to try LL aswell, so your post caught my eye.

Like you i have lost 6st through dieting and excerise,but put it back on.Now im 18st and out of control with my eating.

Have you been in touch with LL yet ? Im planning to phone today.

Best of luck to you
C: 18st8lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 49.1
Yes , ive just spoken to the local rep,im meeting her on mon,seeing my GP on tue and getting started on wed. I cant wait :D

im going to have a go at setting up my profile x


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Welcome to Minimins and LL both you.

As for when to start I think only you can decide that. When making your decision think about why you want to do this.

What I would say is this:

LL has to become part of your life. It should not stop you doing the things you enjoy. Don't shut yourself away because you are doing LL.

You have to embrace it arms open wide and accept that whenever you do it it will cross paths with something i.e. valentines, easter, christmas, birthdays, holidays, weddings, christenings etc... if you allow yourself to make excuses you will set yourself up to fail just as if you start saying now you won't be able to do it, you likely won't.

Believe in yourself, you can do this.

When I decided to do LL I decided that I would not allow to take over my life but become part of my life. You can still do all the things you love and enjoy without food and alcohol.

Good luck on your decision making.

Kat xx


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Well done Lula, you won't look back!

Kat xx

Yes , ive just spoken to the local rep,im meeting her on mon,seeing my GP on tue and getting started on wed. I cant wait :D

im going to have a go at setting up my profile x


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Thank you Lula.

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Kat xx
S: 19st7lb

thanks for the advice, its jst xmas is such a huge foodie time i would struggle , i would rather wait untill jan when xmas is out of the way, thats the problem food is my enjoyment (thnk i need to find some hobbies lol)
Hi ladies and well done on wanting to do something worthy like LL. :)

I am into my 9th week and have lost over 2 and a half stones.
But, I deliberately started in September as I also worried about starting near the festive period.
My logic was, if I can see a difference by the time Chritmas is looming, it will hopefully spur me on to abstain over that time. And, happily, I have lost a now noticeable amount, and I am really loving the weight loss journey.

I totally understand your fears about Christmas ~ but the whole point of LL is to totally abstain, so you can't hope to lose a stone by Christmas, just to put it back on by eating, and then hope to breeze back into the diet.
The first few days are the toughest, so to keep starting and stopping would mess up your Ketosis and slow your weight loss.

So, I would say if you are 100% determined, go for it ~ it really does do what it says on the box!! :p

But don't waste your money if you feel you can't stick with it as people always say it's harder to get back into it.

I wish you both the very best of luck as it is the best thing I have done in a very long time. xx :)


Silver Member
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Good Luck guys!! This diet is the best thing that has happened to me. I was 19st when I joined and I have lost nearly 5 1/2 stone since July.

The only problem with waiting until the New year to start is that you may have a mind set of....'Im starting as diet in the New Year, so its okay to have as much food and drink as I want'.

Imagine starting now and being 2 stone lighter for xmas (maybe more, I lost about 3 stone in my 1st 2 months). The momentum and fast weight loss may keep you going!!!

Its only 1 xmas!!

However, its up to you. Whatever you decided to do, keep coming on here for inspiration!!



is loving CWP xx
S: 21st2lb C: 20st10lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 48.3 Loss: 0st6lb(2.03%)
Yes you do Lisa through the management programme.

I wanted to start in November last year but my LLC didn't have a new class starting until the new year. I had to wait 10 weeks!!! I made the most of that time food wise and did gain a bit of weight before officially starting. I did however use the time wisely and did a lot of research on the diet and preparing mentally for it.

I would say that if you really don't think you could stick to it at xmas then don't start now. It is so hard to get back on the horse once you have fallen off. Take it from someone who knows.

But on the other hand, if you start now you could easily have 1.5st off and feel like you can do it. It is only one xmas and imagine how you will feel come xmas having lost that instead of putting it on?

The decision is yours, so good luck with whatever you decide x x


Gotta Make A Change
I tell you after the 1st week time flys
it's gets alot easier
I just stuck to porridge peanut bars and choc shake was magic
and now I'm in rtm,
we are here to support you so any questions ask away :)


I Can Do This!
S: 18st12lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 6st3lb(32.95%)
Best decision I ever made was to start LL. I was only aware of it in Nov last year, saw my LLC in early Dec and then started in mid Jan. I put on a stone over the Christmas and was almost 19st when I started, but was mentally focused and completely determined I was going to be 100% abstinent until I got to goal.

I have abstained 100% from normal foods for almost 10 months and have lost 9 stone. I have had been through weddings, business meetings, training courses, holidays, funerals and normal nights out and meals out, holidays etc etc. Now I am healthy and gearing up for reintroducing foods in a controlled way.

You know if you are ready. This is not a diet for those who are not 100% committed to it.

Best of luck xx
Welcome Lula and Owens

Yes, LL has changed my life. I was 21.5stones when i started, my biggest ever.
It took me 10months to lose my weight. I have maintained my loss now for 11months. I just can't believe it.
About Christmas and when to start - I know our LLC (Lighter Life Counsellor)
won't start a new group now until early Jan.
The reason is that you don't have time to complete Foundation (13weeks) before Christmas.
Also, she says it tests your determination. If you have been obese for years what difference will a few weeks make?
You do need 100% determination. It is a challenge, but it is not my any means unachievable.
Don't be put off by the cost. It is worth every penny and more. When you add up everything you currently spend on food, snacks, chocolate, drinks, treats etc. I bet you'll save money.
Good luck with your decision.

Jo B

Full Member
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I agree with everything everyone else has said. I was having a chat with my mum this morning and was saying to her that if I was still in abstinence then I definitely would have abstained throughout Christmas. It was strange for me (and everyone is different but I don't think I am alone in this) because when you get into the swing of it you don't miss food. I have lost nearly 7.5 stone since April and to say it has changed my life is not an exaggeration. I am a size 10-12, weigh 10 stone 6, can buy clothes in any shop and can do so much more excercise than I ever could do, or wanted to do.
Like others have said, it's not for the faint hearted and whilst I was fully committed and did not lapse during the 24 weeks I was in abstinence, I did not go into it thinking I would lose this amount or abstain for that long - I thought I would do the 14 weeks of foundation, hopefully lose 4 stone and then go onto RTM. At the end of foundation, there was no way I was going to quit then.
If you can start now, then do it - a lot of people who wait until after Christmas put on more weight as they think of every day as their last food day! By doing that, all you are doing is prolonging the amount of time in abstinence and the amount of money you are going to have to spend.
That's my two penneth worth anyway - good luck and this forum is a MASSIVE support, so keep coming back xx
S: 19st7lb
Aww just wanted to say thankyou so much to you all for the advice, Ive thought long and hard about it and i feel im going to wait untill jan that way ive got my 12 weeks event free lol

I think if i had started sooner i and was fully into the swing of ll i may have been able to do xmas but im being honest with myself about it

Im gonna use this time b4 i start to research everything and try and cut back my portion sizes a little cos at the mo i eat huge amounts i feel this would help

Im still going for a information session in 2 weeks time



Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Owens good luck with your journey, you won't look back.

Kat xx


I Can Do This!
S: 18st12lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 6st3lb(32.95%)
Ive thought long and hard about it and i feel im going to wait untill jan that way ive got my 12 weeks event free lol

I think if i had started sooner i and was fully into the swing of ll i may have been able to do xmas but im being honest with myself about it

Having a stretch of weeks with no events is the perfect way to get yourself going and get into the swing of things so you will be very settled and comfortable with the programme by the time you meet any major event challenges.

Well done for being honest with yourself. This is a very necessary attirbute on this programme.

Good luck on the preparation time. Enjoy your Christmas and start the new year focused on your new goals. Take lots of photos of yourself over this time. They are great for comparative purposes as you start losing the weight. xx

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