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Thinking of starting LL can anyone help me?

Hi everyone,
I am completely new to this site and wondered if you could shed some light on some questions i have regarding LL. I have tried looking on there website but can't find what am looking for, these are the questions i need help with:

1. What exactly are you eating? i know its four food packs a day but what do they consists of?
2. My biggest trouble is eating when i am bored so do these packs fill you up? i get really down and depressed when i can't eat what i want.
3.How much does it cost, and i take it you can't get funding from the nhs?
4. If your just eating food packs will you not put all the weight back on when you start to eat normally? and can you eat any normal food or is it just the food packs provided?
5. I know you start with a small group, how many in your group have been sucessful? this will give an idea of how hard it is.

Sorry to be a pain asking all these questions but who better to ask than those who have already been there and done it. Thank you to anyone who can help me xxxxx Kelly xxxxxxx
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Welcome to MM's Kelly!
Answers to your questions;

1) the packs contain vitamins, minerals, a little carbohydrate, protien and everything else your body needs to function 100% but in very few calories

2) the pack's do not "fill you up", but once you are into Ketosis you do not experience physical hunger so that point becomes redundant - of course, the "head hunger" is something you have to learn to control!

3) £66 a week while you are on the 4 packs and nothing else, if you do the "Route to Management" part once you have lost the weight it gets cheaper

4) While you do foundation you can *only* have the 4 foodpacks each day, nothing else. If you do, your losses will be minimal-to-nothing! When you go to Management you slowly introduce f**d in a controlled way that LL tell you each week what you can have and how much.
The only reason you'll put all the weight back on is if you go back to your old eating habits; the idea of LL is that it helps you identify *why* you eat badly, and helps you to break the bad cycles. Of course, ultimately you have to *want* to change; LL is the tool, but you have to do all the work, every day!

5) numbers mean nothing; either you will do it, or you will not. Wether or not others succeed doesn't mean you will or won't. Take a look at this site. So many success stories. If your head is in the right place, you can do it. But you have to want it, and be willing to work hard for it. The weight might come off quickly, but LL is not magic, it takes hard work, perserverence and sacrifice. But it is so, SO worth it.

Best of luck :)
Thanks pete for all that, but what is ketosis? I really don't know this diet very well and need a step by step guide to how it all works, like i said i've tried there website but its very fague, and tried on here but sometimes find it difficult to follow with abbreviations that are used, oh and i wanted to ask about the part when you said, when you go to management that you start to introduce food, this that after the foundation programme?( is this 14wks )thanks again thats really helped me.
Ketosis is the mode your body goes into when it has no carbohydrates left to burn for energy. It is what makes your body burn its fat deposits instead. If you were not having the nutrition that comes from the packs then you would be in "starvation" mode where the body holds on to everything it can, but because of the packs this doesn't happen and instead you get a steady process of fat being burnt off.

The side effects of Ketosis are as follows;
first few days can have severe headaches and nausea as you go though carbohydrate withdrawl, you just have to ride it out

smelly breath and furry tongue, drinking water helps but expect it all the way through TBH

neeing to pee a lot in the first week until your body gets used to the 4+ litres of water you should be consuming

no physical feelings of hunger

some people get constipated but this can be relieved in a variety of ways

after the first week, when in full-on "keto" mode, you will feel energised, happy, better than ever in your life! :D
If Money is an issue Cambridge diet is nearly the same as Lighter Life but nearly half the price !! You do not get the weekly group sessions but you do have a 1 to 1 meeting and weigh in .


is loving CWP xx
I would recommend LL as you can have 4 packs a day regardless of your height/weight. Also, the group sessions are invaluable. I have met some fantastic people through LL that have gone through the same as me. It's like going to a mothers meeting sometimes!!! It is worth the extra investment in yourself and it is nice to share your successes with like minded people.

The packs are not as bad as you think they will be. The soups come in chicken, mushroom, veg, thai chilli and tomato. The shakes come in Strawberry, banana, vanilla and chocolate. Then after your first week you can have 1 bar per day, either toffee, fruits, lemon, peanut or rasberry and cranberry. You can also buy special water flavourings sunshine orange (tastes like dilute orange), St clements (Lemon and orange) and fruits of the forest. They also do a savoury broth (like stock/thin cup-a-soup but cheaper to buy a supermarket alternative).

Once you are in ketosis (when body uses fat for energy) you really don't feel hungry at all and will have so much more energy. Although for some people to get to this stage it is not very nice with headaches, sickness and tiredness. But as Pete said, once your in ketosis you only then have to contend with the head hunger which is what the group sessions really help with.

I hope you make the right decision for yourself. I personally think LL is the future!!!
technically you only pay for the foodpacks, the meetings are free (you can continue going to them as long as you like even once have finished doing the plan, at least my LLC says I can!)


is loving CWP xx
The only things that it doesn't include are the water flavourings (£9) and the savoury broth (£6 for 12packs) both of which are optional.

But yeah, you're £66 includes 28 food packs (which can be a min 21 soups/shakes and max of 7 bars). And your weekly counciling session which includes weigh in and ketosis checks, before and after photo's, and 4-weekly measurements.

Once you have completed the 14 weeks you can either carry on to loose more weight or move to maintenance. Carrying on is called development, where you just do exactly the same as foundation i.e. food packs and counciling.

So if you've lost all you need in foundation, you will move onto Route to Management (RTM), then the cost goes down as you are having less packs and you will gradually re-introduce food.

I hope this info helps Kelster x x

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