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thinking of starting slimming world

im failing with my weight loss on a diet called the Camridge Diet.
It is way too hard as i have 3 kids and a husband-to-be to cook for while i sit there drinking a shake or a soup.
I have been to slimming world before but felt that the weight loss was too slow.
looking back now though, I'd rather lose weight slowly than not at all because I've given up a diet that was too hard.

how much average weight loss can I expect every week/month?

looking forward to hearing from everyone!:)
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Sherina, there isn't really a normal average weight loss I don't think but you will lose weight on the diet. A steady weightloss of 2lb's a week is much easier to keep off than losing a couple of stone in a short time as you are changing your eating habits rather than cutting everything out.
I think it all depends on how much you want to lose?
The most I have ever lost in a week is 3.5lbs.:eek:
I have attempted WW and RC and failed at them both for me it has to be SW.
Welcome to the SW board. I'd say go for it and join SW. The amount you can eat and still lose weight is amazing.

Read through a few posts on the SW board and check out people's signatures. A lot of us have our weekly weight losses showing there.

Good luck :D
Join, it'll be the best thing you do. I lost 6lb in my first week and anywhere between 0.5 - 4 lbs a week. you'll love it. Space Angel did a vlcd and is now doing SW and has lost more on SW than on the VLCD x


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i was amazed at my second week back at what ppl were losing infact the 10 ppl in front of me all lost and none was below 2lbs.
wow kirsty you've done so well, did you lose all that weight on SW? x


is gonna shine in 2009
no i wish lol, lost some on ww.....then 4st one cambridge in 07 then back on ww lost some more. now on sw
you've still done really well though x
Hi Sherina

You know, you don't have to do Slimming World in meetings but it works even if you do it alone. I bought a few of the books and get the magazines and am well on my way to my target so far. Slimming World is brilliant if you've got other people to cook for because you can eat normal food and not having to weight things means making food for others is much easier!
thanks to everyone who has given me advice so far.
I have actually put ON weight since being being on VLCD because i have literally felt like I'm starving myself and just end up eating a whole load of crap coz im starving!!!!
how much is it to join?


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Rainbow is spot on. I lost more on SW in the same amount of time than I did on Cambridge. With Cambridge, if you fall off the wagon (even for 1 day) you put back on so much cos you retain water, and then you need to start again which takes 4 days to get back into ketosis. At least on SW, if you fall off the wagon, you can get straight back into it the next day without too much damage!

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