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  1. MrsT

    MrsT Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently on Cambridge but have been having issues and as I am on medication now for PCOS my Consultant has asked me to consider a diet which allows solids or the medication will not be as effective.

    So I have been researching WW. My husband used to attend a class a few years ago and successfully lost 6 stone, which he has kept off so I know the basics but I think it may of changed and would welcome some advice!

    It's quite hard to get to classes for me, I work long hours and also have a ten year old daughter who has a busier life than me so I am often running around. Do any of you do WW online and has it been successful?

    What is the difference between points and the core plan? which is easier to start with?

    Because I have been told at the hospital to cut out white bread, white rice and pasta plus steer clear of processed foods do you think I can adapt the WW plans around these theories?

    I have a lot to loose and I am ready to do it or I will never end up with a child of my own (my other daughter is my step-daughter in reality but has lived with us for a long time and has no contact with her Mum). I need to start something and feel positive about it but also see results. Cambridge did suit me, but I found it hard with family life and I also am now under pressure from my husband to listen to the Consultant - I know he is right and he is worried about me but I need some positives if that makes sense.

    if you are still reading then thank you!

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  3. blackwidow

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    hiya Nina!

    WW is really suitable for most people as its basically a diet based on common sense and learning to build a healthy relationship with food. Unlike Cambridge however it doesnt give you the high losses and will take longer for you to lose the weight - however saying that I've been doing WW for 9 weeks and have lost 21lbs which I am really pleased with - I know others who have lost more in shorter periods of time but it depends on the individual i guess - either way I'm happy with my progress so far :) I work odd hours - sometimes long, sometimes not.. sometimes nights, sometimes not.. so WW points plan is really suitable for the mad weeks as as long as I stay within my given points allowance I can eat whenever I need to. Core is good too - I love WW because you can swap weekly between the two plans which helps me because I often become complacent with one plan if i do it for a long time, but I tend to find Core easier on the weeks where I have less going on at work / socially etc :)

    I dont actually do Online OR classes at the moment. I did do classes originally before I started uni a few years back and my leader was fantastic and I really enjoyed and valued the classes for the support i got when I was there. Now due to time commitments / costs etc I do it on my own - this site is what I use for support and its really invaluable.. i wouldnt be where I am now without it! :) I know a few people do online - maybe ask Anna - i know she is signed up for it so she can tell you more about it :)

    welcome to the WW boards btw :)

    Rach x
  4. Lozbo

    Lozbo Silver Member

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    Hi and welcome to the ww section!:)
    I can't really say anything that Blackwidow has not already said. But WW is easy to fit into any lifestyle. Like her I don't actually do online or go to classes. Just keep to the points at home and get as much support as I need from this forum.
    You mentioned the possibility of not having a child of your own, and I am in that boat too. I have PCOS and need to lose weight as it will help my fertility (which is pretty much non-existent at the mo) and also to qualify for the fertility treatment that I may need.
    I haven't had any really big losses on WW yet but only on my 6th week and haven't gained anything whilst on it. My body should catch up soon and I should start to see larger losses. I feel very positive on WW as I can still fit the things I like into my points occassionally.
    Hope some of this helped although I might have just rambled. :p xx
  5. MrsT

    MrsT Full Member

    Thanks for the replies :D

    I need to sign up to go to class or online cause I think I need to discipline myself to look at what I am eating. My friend at work is trying to encourage me to go to class but I am still unsure.

    I have however after having a good chat to her at lunchtime going to start WW.

    Lozbo - are you on medication for your PCOS? do you avoid refined carbs? really interested to know. I am in the same situation with you with regards fertility and treatment, I also do not want to regret not trying 100% if that makes sense.
  6. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Youll love Minimins, theres a new plan being launched next week so it might be worth looking at going to classes for a few weeks til you get all the bumpf for it.

    Otherwise if youre disciplined enough to weigh yourself once a week then I honestly wouldnt waste the money for online. Youre much better investing in the basics - points calculator, eating out & shopping guide. The new EO & shopping guide are coming out next week too and you can get a set with them, a journal and a pen for £10.

    I think you'll really enjoy WW, whatever way you do it :)
  7. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

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    Hello! I'm doing ww online. To be honest it really is not worth the money. The system is so out of date, the foods they list are often pointed wrong, even there own products?! The web site is not great at letting you know how the plan works, it takes quite a bit of searching to get the answers.

    I check everything with the WW points calculator & never trust the web site as it really is wrong more times than it's right so clearly not updated often enough.

    If you can get to a meeting I'd recommend that even if you just go for the first month to get all the literature & guidance in the early days & then go it alone at home with the support on here.

    When my 3 month membership to ww online is up I wont be carrying on with it. I might go to meetings or just carry on at home alone. The support here really is amazing so you are never really alone.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  8. Lozbo

    Lozbo Silver Member

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    I'm not on any medication at the moment. I was diagnosed with it quite young so it has only been recently that I've thought about the problems it causes etc. Right now I'm just really concerntrating on losing some weight (well quite a bit of weight). I do try to avoid refined carbs though.
    I with you on the giving 100%. You will get so much support on here and if you ever need any advice or just to talk then just post here or start your own diary here which Ive found helps. xx
  9. MrsT

    MrsT Full Member

    Well I have made a decision and I am going for it. not decided if I am going to a class or not yet, I have a friend who goes who is willing to lend me the books etc but I think part of me might need the discipline of weighing in with someone else. mind you my OH has offered to weigh me once a week which could also have the same effect

    I am sure I will be back with lots of questions, but thank you for all the replies.

  10. xxemmaxx

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    hey chick - welcome to the weightwatchers section! Ur very welcome xx I also dont do classes or online - i did classes years ago and whilst i found them very helpful with a 5 month baby ((hes 5 mnths today yay)) i wouldnt manage to get to any so with the support of this site i have been doing this for over 2 weeks and have lost 11lb so far i love the plan i have to stick to points to stay on track if u have any questions ask away xx
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