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Thinking of starting WW

I am thinking of starting WW but won't be able to get to a weekly meeting. Is it worth joining online or is it just as easy to buy the Propoints calculator and work it out myself? Any advice would be great, I have been reading the threads and there is so much information that it is a bit daunting!

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hi, alot of national newspapers have vouchers in for free regestration & free 1st meeting, altho you carnt do classes it will help you understand the plan more if you have all the books that you will get at a class but not online, online has everything you need tho but the books are really informative, when you join in a meeting ask for an esource code because you can then go online with esouce which is alot cheaper than online only & you get the same tools, aslo try the ww online site, just click on community & you can get on there free (but without the online tools) & 'talk' to others in message boards, this site is really good as well x


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I have been doing it for a while and havnt gone to any meetings etc and am finding it ok. Its alright if you plan your meals, work out the points etc i always write it down when i work out the pp's of something new.
Hi there, joining the meetings is the best options, because you get even the online included in the price so you get support through two different channels for not much more expense. However, if you have a limited budget, I would advise to join at least online: it's handy to calculate the points and log in your food, and if you have to buy yourself a calculator, it would work out as expensive as joining online for a month or two, especially if you buy even the getting started guide! Then, if you feel that you need the meetings you can switch to Monthly pass without paying any extra registration fee.

But as I said, I would recommend to you to go to the meetings and get a monthly pass straight away! If you sign up to Monthly pass at meetings it should still have the offer at £12.95 if I'm not mistaken (I could be wrong!)
I would be completely lost without the ability to track online (and I have the app for my phone too) so for me online membership at least was a must (rather than just meetings or doing it alone). I'm currently a weekly pass member so best of both worlds. Also, i've found that the actual meetings thing is s bit of a double edged sword for me. I NEED to be accountable to someone for me to actually stick to plan but if it looks like I've gained a bit I really don't want to go to WI because I have to face someone. (That's getting much better now since I'm learning how to build propoints into my lifestyle).

In short, you'll have to weigh up your own personality to be able to decide what to do. I already had pretty much all the info I needed on PP before I even joined so if you are the kind who could do it alone then we'll be here to help you.


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I go to my first meeting tomorrow night. Quite excited already! Dreading the initial 'weigh in', but can't wait to get started. I think I will be using the online tools quite a lot, and working a lot of PPs out myself using new apps I've put on my phone.

I will go to the meetings, but I know from my time on LL that I am not that motivated by sitting around for an hour or two each week. :)

SD x

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