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thinking of switching from LT help!


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i started lipotrim last thursday and i think so far its going well but im a mum of 4 and married and im thinking that LT would be great if there wasnt food in the house! its been great as a detox for me but im not sure if i could do it for weeks and weeks, my hubbys starting slimfast tomorrow, he got all the stuff today as he knows he wouldnt stick to LT. I dont know wether to stop LT on thursday when i run out and do slimfast with him so we can help each other. ive enjoyed the week without food and drunk more water than i have ever in my life! so i know i wouldnt struggle going on to slimfast and being strict with my cals but im worried i either wont loose weight and will need to start LT again, or huby wont stick to it and well slip into bad habbits.. hubby admitted today that hes scared of starting as it will be the first time hes committed to a diet properly, but hes doing it cos hes seen how well ive coped with LT.. what if i mess up on slimfast!?! ive got 100lbs to loose and so as my hubby..
just dont know what to do help!!!!! (ive lost 3 stone before with slimming world but then got preg and put it back on, but i was findinf breakfast and lunch hard to fit in!)
what do u think?
nic x:sign0144:
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it's entirely up to you what you do, you have to feel comfortable. If you feel like you want to give slimfast a go then go for it.

I think the reason I find it so easy sticking to it is exactly what you said about breakfast and lunch. (i never really had it before anyway) I find that I really enjoy my evening meal, i look forward to it, and because im having shakes for my other meals i see it as a treat. ;)

it will be nice for you and your hubby to give each other support if you do decide to give it a go.
good luck :D


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as kate has said, you have to do what you are comfortable with and nothing else.

dont be put off something because of a fear of failure. this wont help at all..
go into it with a positive mind. saying you will do this!!

i too had about 100lbs to lose (more than that i think if i went down to the "ideal weight for my height".

stick around here on what ever plan you chose and you will get the info and support you need and even get some motivation stuffed in there too!!!


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hey there, i did lipotrim for a good few months about 12 weeks and lost over 3 stone,but i put it all back on again because it was impossible to not put it back on, my carb cravings a sweet cravings just took over me and i was so upset i put it back on,it was on in about 6 weeks!!! so i went back on it a same thing again. my eating habits didnt change after the second time round so i just gave up.
i started slimfast because i get the best of both worlds eating and shakes! it costs alot less and in my head i can train myself to be healthy at dinner times while not depriving myself! in 2 weeks ive lost 10lb im so happy! the worst thing about coming off lipo was my weight just kept going up and up it just wouldnt level for months no matter what i did! but youll know what to do yourself hun,i just dont wish it on anyone to go through wat i did! x


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thanks for all your opinions girls, after a big talk with my mum and my otherhalf ive decided to switch over and im having my first slimfast day tomorrow, im a bit aprhensive but i think its what i need to retrain my eating and for us as a family together.. i was so worried what message i was giving my daughter cos ive been a bit obsesed this week with weight and loosing it that so has she and shes 7, so gonna concentrate on eating healthily and together in the evening. also my hubby and my mum and her partner are also starting so were all gonna do it together, im so positive about starting.. so i will weigh in in the morining for my LT week then start on slimfast.
thanks and lookforward to chatting to you all
nic x


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Well for what's it worth I think you will probably stand a better chance if you are both doing it together and can support each other. IF it does not work, then you can always try LT again,. Good luck.


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I think what you said about your daughter is really important. She needs to see you and your hubby having a healthy approach to food and exercise? Maybe you could get her to cycle along side you while you go out for a walk in the evenings etc? My sis is doing that with her little boy and they have a great chat too.


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thats a great idea thanks hun, i did it with my dad as a kid. i know abbeys 7 going on 17 and she takes everything in, shes very concious of healthy food from school and when she started noticing i wasnt eating she seemed to go off her food, i may be reading more into her just being full but alot of my bad habbits and problems with food started when i was her age. This is definately a way of controling my calories and geting into good habits for all of us!


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hope that your first day isnt going too bad. and that you are still feeling really positive!!
keep us all posted....



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I am im really enjoying it and finding 100cal snacks is a real eye opener! theres so many things i would of thought i couldnt have and would have avoided if i was just following my own diet (but i would of failed due to being restricted!)

so far ive had, vanilla shake, weeto's cerealbar 89cals, choclate shake and a litre of water..

plan for the rest of the day is tesco light choices tomato and cheese pasta bake 375cals 2 slices of light choices garlic bread 75cals a slice = 525cals

snacks: mullerlight toffe yogurt 97cals
philidelphia minitub 40cals + 6 tesco healthy choices mini grissini 10cals each (mini breadsticks)

and atleast another litre of water, i think the good thing about doing LT for a week for me was it got all my unhealthy food cravings out of my head! by the end of the week all i wated was a salad or grilled chicken! also ive never drunk 2litres of water a day before either so its helped me realise that thats what i need to be doing! i think i better start a food diary tho, that way i cant kid myself! hubbys trying hard but struggling tho, dont think it helps the kids are on half term and driving us potty!

thanks for all the encouragement girls i hope i can share some back!
nic x


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Good to hear you're going well. Initially it's hard to separate comfort and habit and emotional hunger and thirst away from real hunger (which comes on gradually) so the water is a big help. You've got a leg up on your OH for that probably cos of doing LT last week. I tried that before and found their whole "abstinence like an alcoholic" theory ludicrous! Food is not like a drug/ substance misuse issue. And I know so many people who put back on afterwards as it didn't encourage them to explore what healthy food is while they are on it.