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Thinking of the change from Cambridge to WW...advice all appreciated :)

Hi All

I'm Claire, I've lost just over 5 stone with Cambridge Diet, and have really enjoyed it so far. I am on the 1000 plan at the moment, but am having to go up to 1200 and then 1500 because of the financial implications (and our finances not being good due to partners job at risk for 3rd time in a year :( ) Anyway, I don't want to lose the work I have already put in, and I am thinking about taking the jump between Cambridge to WW. It's not an ideal situation, and I know I'd need support, but I so want to hit my goals. I just wondered if anyone else has taken this step and has it had positive rewards? Any advice would be great!
What I don't want to do is switch, gain weight and come back, but at the same time, I really want to get out of the mixed frame of mind I feel I'm in at the moment, because I know I'm stuck at the moment, and I feel it's affecting my dieting head (no cheating, but temptation kicking back in)

Thanks so much

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Lovin it !!! :)
Hi Claire

Massive well done on losing 5 stone !!!!
Go Girl.

I think that if you are considering any eating eating plan - if you know what I mean - then WW is probably the best - it teaches portion control whereas some of the otheres allow you to eat as much as you want of certain foods - not too sure this is ideal as it doesnt really allow for real life situations or show what a healthy,controlled way of eating is.

Ultimately it is your decision and I can totally understand that you do not want to undo anything you have achieved so far - but tbh - if you are already working up the plans - as long as you introduce "treats" gradually with WW you really probably wont be do anything too much different - apart from taking the shakes/soups out.

Good Luck

Bev xx
Hi Bev

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm def not intending on introducing anything naughty for a long while yet, but yes definately still need the 'control' on what I am eating. I'd be intending to follow some of CD rules ie lower carb, high protein, but perhaps with WW points to keep me in check, as I don't think I could just calorie count on my own just yet.

I don't suppose you/anyone knows what the rough calories are for WW in a day at all? So I can compare against calories already eating with CD.

Thanks again. xx
Thinking again, not sure if my last question would be able to be answered, but I would be on 19 pts a day with WW. XX
i know there are a couple of people on here who have swapped from a few other diets, including cd and as far as i know they hae all done ok. Its a great diet, no food is banned but you do learn portion control and 'balance', you know like being good but including treats too.
I've not done Cd myself but can certainly recommend ww
Just seen your next question, think we cross posted. Yes it would be difficult to say but if it helps the formula to calculate points is clas divided by 70 plus sat fat divided by 4. might give your a rough idea
Thanks for replies, they are all much appreciated x

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