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thinking of trying 810 .. and advise ??

Hi , I have been on SS ( first LT now CD) for 6 months now and have roughly 1.5 stone left to loose and I am struggling now !!! I feel that I really need to start eating normal food again , I have started having a meal after WI .. and its getting harder and harder to get back on track , but I sooo dont want to give up .. people tell me that I am now fine as I am but I need to get this last bit off !!!
I tried SS+ but struggled with the very small amount of food and it left me wanting more , but I have been thinking about trying 810 , as there is obviously more food on it . I was soo hungry last night I ate a mushroom omlette ( following 810 guidelines ) and it made me feel so much better .. I just worry that I am going to stick at this weight now and not manage to get rid of this last bit :(

Anyone else been through this , or any advice from people on 810 ?? HELP !!!
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I started 810 this week as I am exercising more and was soooooo tired. I've been sticking rigidly to the 810 guidelines and I've found it so much easier to stick to. Anyway, this week I lost 3lbs which is the same I've been losing on SS/SS+. Admittedly, I have a lot more left to lose than you, but I think you'll be fine and I recommend 810 to anyone (at the moment anyway, but I'm only a week in!)

You will still lose weight. It's still an extremely low calorie diet, as you'll burn off about 2000 just through respiration so that's a 1,190 calorie deficit each day. I think that's about 1/2 lb a day.

I hope that makes sense.

Good Luck,

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and what sort of things do u eat on 810 think i may need to try it too


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S: 19st4lb C: 18st13lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 40.3 Loss: 0st5lb(1.85%)
Ummm.... well you have 3 packs a day still and 340mls of skimmed milk. Then you get to chose one low cal, carb free meal using ingredients from allowed foods. There is a sticky on here somewhere about it. This week I've had omlettes with salad, mushroom omlettes or chicken with salad. I've also had tuna steak with some lemon juice which was lovely. It's actually amazing how full a small meal makes me now! I also eat off a small plate to make it look huge. You can use spices and pepper, but NOT salt. It's important you don't add salt to anything. I also tend to save a packet for after my meal and make "ice cream" or mousse with it. Makes it feel like a real meal.

Hope that helps a bit.


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810 is an excellent plan. I have a few clients who have only ever done this one and have lost loads on it.

And the great thing is, you can do it under BMI25 (as long as it's more than BMI20), so fab for the stubborn last few pounds.

Enjoy :)


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I'm on the 810 plan and I lost 6lbs in three weeks.
I'm enjoying this plan and planning on staying on it untill I'm near my goal (unless of course my weight loss stalls); then I'll have to have a rethink...:confused:
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i think you should try it. i got to a point last week where i just hated it all. i was sick that i was on a diet, a real downer. so i'm on the 1000 plan now. great for my exercise.

i think there comes a point where you need to move as you can no longer manage on what you are doing or you just need some time out from the ss or ss+. sometimes you body needs it too.


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Hi Katy i feel exactly the same, i have more or less been cheating every day for ages now and i think i need more than a tuna or chicken salad. I also eat the day i am weighed and it has meant the last 2 weeks i have stayed the same and it's getting me down.

It's my fault as i only have 1st left to lose and so i find it hard to do 100% as i feel so good already but really want to get to goal.
If i don't lose this week then i am going to talk to CDC on sunday about 810.
Let us know what you decide to do, good luck hun!


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I'd recommend the 810 plan, im doing it at the mo and have been for a little while now, ive been loosing between 2 and 5lb a week, i recommend it
thanks everyone , I had my weigh in this morning ( stayed the same , but very pleased as i ate friday till tuesday , and then got back on with a meal from 810 guidelines .. ) and descided to give the 810 a try and see how I get on .. I would like to do it for approx 6 weeks then move up one , then maybe go onto slimming world to get rid of the last bit and maintain ..... I have 1 stone 5 lb to go to my origanal goal .. and will get there one way or another !!!! I did my food shop and bought al the stuff i need and am so ooking forward to the omlettes , prawns and fat free yoghurt ( instead of mik allowance :)
I wil keep you updated stinky :)
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I started 810 this week and gonna get weighed on sunday. It rocks my socks! I made some lovely curried prawns the other day..250g of prawns is a hell of a lot of prawns for a low calorie meal serving..but im not complaining!! It was also so nice to have egg again for breakfast..nom nom!!!! Do it!:flirt2:


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Hey determinator
I have noticed to be seeing you a lot and realise that we are often on similar posts and have both converted from LT to cambridge.I think you have done fab so far with your loss!
I was on SS cambridge and then my counsellor said i had to go onto the 810 as I had been on a vlcd for 12 weeks now.I started 810 on monday and have struggled really to eat the amount of protein they ask of you really with only having about 2 days taking the full amount-my counsellor said she is not surprised as it is a big jump up.I was so so worried about my weigh inn on thursday but did lose another 2lbs which i was chuffed about.Now on day 5 i am more into the 810 swing of things and I have brought loads of food so therefore will have to be on it at least a few weeks to eat it all! when creating an 810 meal post i didnt get many replies but am being creative with my food where I can.em:D

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