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Thinking of xenical alongside SW - what do you think?

I'm doing SW at the moment and my first week went really well (second WI on thusday!). I'm really pleased, however... i've done SW a thousand times and i always get to a point where my weight loss slows down to about 0.5lb - 1lb per week.. after only a few weeks.

I get disheartened and give up and put even more weight back on each time :cry:

I'm thinking of going to the doctor to ask about Xenical.. to see if it will work alongside SW, and hopefully keep me going when my weight loss would normally begin to plateau.

I'm really scared about going to my doctor incase he refuses me :(

Do you think Xenical would be suitable for me to use alongside SW? And what are the chances of my doctor saying no to me? :eek:

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Go on smile! =)
I would say go for it, Xenical isn't a magic blue pill that you take with a meal and you loose the weight. But combined with exercise, healthy eating and a positive attitude it will work for you. And i'm sure your doctor wont turn you down, he gave it to me without even asking for it :) Goodluck with your SW Beki i wish you all the best with it.

Red. x
Thanks red :) I know what you mean about it not being a magic pill - i think some people expect to eat what they want, take a xenical tab and then have the weight melt off them!!! My uncle's on xenical and i can 100% vouch for the fact that it's not like that AT ALL! :D lol

From what i've seen with him, you still have to work incredibly hard with your diet and exercise, but it seems to give you the incentive to stick to the straight and narrow and also adds a small percentage onto the weight you would normally lose on whichever low fat/cal diet you're using :)

I'm really hoping my doctor will be as understanding as yours was :) I'm going to make an appointment to see him tomorrow if i can - at least with me having lost some weight at SW he can see that i'm commited already :) xx


Go on smile! =)
Gl at the docs beki! I'm sure you wont have any problems getting it :X You look great atm cant wait to see you when your at your goal and gj with you loss so far :) Got my first month weigh in on monday hehe.
heyy beckiii :p

i already spoke to you elsewhere.. just head over to the docs and see what they say and let me know =] xx
Beki...i do sw with xenical, you just have to be a bit cautious what you spend your syns on ie make sure they are under 5g fat per 100g. Ask you doc and see what he says . Good luck x
Thanks guys :)

Welll... i mamanged to get an app. for 10.10 this morning (i live in a sleepy village so no busy surgery - woohoo!), and he said he has no problem with prescribing it at all! :D

The only thing is, the protocol in this area says that i have to lose 2kg from the day i ask for the xenical before it's prescribed, to show i'm commited (a silly rule he said, and that he wished he could just prescribe it there and then!). So he told me to come back once i'd lost the 2kg, which should only be a couple of weeks, and he'll prescribe it! :D

He was ever so lovely about it - told me that he wished more people would be pro-active about their weight and actually come and see him to see if they can work together on it! :)

So yay! In a couple of weeks hopefully, i'll be joining you all :)

Thanks for the SW advice abby! Will definitely take heed! xx
Brilliant news hun! Strange that you have to lose the 2kg, im in kent too and didnt have to, but maybe a different pct ?

Now you have a goal to meet and then you can get cracking!! Post here if you have any q's, everyone is friendly x
same here, in Kent, but was prescribed it straight away. I have heard that some doctors only prescribe it for 6 months, not sure how true that is. I've been taking it since around mid-June but took a break in August so I'm hoping I can carry on for more than 6 months.
aww sounds like i drew the short straw then!! :( boooo!

i'm in eastchurch... not sure if that'd be a different PCT?

choccieaddict - i've heard that xenical should only be prescribed for up to 1 year... not hears about the 6 month thing, so i think you'll be ok :) xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
in my leaflet it says up to 2 years! so were all safe girls hehehe

aww sounds like i drew the short straw then!! :( boooo!

i'm in eastchurch... not sure if that'd be a different PCT?

choccieaddict - i've heard that xenical should only be prescribed for up to 1 year... not hears about the 6 month thing, so i think you'll be ok :) xx
Do you mean Eastchurch on the island? Im in Halfway!
haha! no wayyy!!!! :D do you go to verity's SW group? i go to her thursday morning group at the leisure centre in sheerness :D x
Beki! Great news.
Beki that 2kg will be off before you know it and i wouldnt worry about the how long can it be prescribed for, a lot of GPS are just happy that you're losing the weight so whilst it's working they should keep prescribing it. Theres no evidence to suggest it causes any damage if used for longer!
haha! no wayyy!!!! :D do you go to verity's SW group? i go to her thursday morning group at the leisure centre in sheerness :D x
A few years ago i used to go to Veritys thurs eve group, but when i rejoined sw last year, my friend who lived in Gillingham came with me, so we meet in the middle at the Sittingbourne group! She's since moved back to maidstone but im settled in the group now.

Bit weird then that your gp has made you lose 2kg, my docs is minster medical centre at the hospital but maybe because i am soooooooo big they thought damn it, we better let her have it straight away!!!

Anyway, :hijack:
Small world huh!? I remember reading something you posted on the sw forum, you are the Disneyland paris addict lol! i was asking you and frontierPhil where to get the best deal! A while back now though! Anyway, there i go again :blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:

Good luck with the 2kg, then back to the docs! xx
wow - what a small world!!! :D hehe

i'm gutted about that 2kg now!!! i saw dr patel - i think he does the eastchurch/st george's surgeries. i can't believe he told me it was protocol for the area!!! maybe it's just for that surgery?! grr. ah well, i'm hoping that i'll have lost it in a week or two so i'm sure it'll come around quick enough :D

and yep - i'm the disneyland paris addict :eek: LOL we're off again for 3 days in 11 days' time (got a really good 40% off deal!)... then me and OH are going on our own for a coach day trip on 19th dec :eek:

haha - still can't believe what a small world it is!! lol :D
You got kiddies then? My 4 yr old would desperately love to go, but money is really tight at the mo as my ******* husband has left us:cry: So 40 % off or not, its a big no no!

I'll prob bump into you in tesco or something weird like that - i have a habit of seeing people and thinkin im sure i know them from somewhere....but cant figure out where.........who'da thought it could be from minis.....hilarious! x
aww :( ((((big hugs)))) for that stupid git leaving you grrrrrrrrrrrrr

yep - i've got two kids... my first will be 11 in february!!! she's just taken her 11+ and was really stressed about it.. don't know if it's worth it TBH!!! lol

my second will be 4 in november. we've been having trouble with him at nursery - just being generally naughty, not listening etc. and then this afternoon the nursery manager called me into her office when i went to pick him up. she thinks he's got a learning difficulty - understanding things.. and that's why he's been (what they thought was) 'naughty' and not listening.. just because he doesn't understand :(

he was in speech therapy last year and they mentioned autism, but decided not to investigate that any further. and he was signed off from speech therapy about a year ago.

they're having him assessed on monday, so we'll have to wait and see!

you're right - we'll probably bump into each other in tesco!! lol - i'm there far too often.. my OH often asks me if i want to move in there! haha

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