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Thinkings Over

Hi all I have been looking at this site for over 2 month now whilst I have been deciding which diet to go on. I have picked the cambridge diet and all my stuff came friday so I am starting Monday first thing finishing today off with a beef salad. Although I am not wanting to sound negative i just hope I have the strength and will power to do it. I have been over weight all my life and as the years tick by it all comes about health and familiy . So 18 stone smack up this morning and not going mad today before the diet .

I am going on holiday with my wife and son later this year in fact in 30 weeks time so I want to see what I can do. i think looking at this site will give me the will power to do it but lets face it I have been a failure all my life so far :cry:

I'll keep you posted and any advice, support etc will be greatly appreciated

Cheers all :)
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Warm welcome!

Invest the time you spend doubting yourself in reminding yourself you can do whatever you set your mind to! The beginning isn't easy but its easier if you remind yourself that you've made a choice to do this!!!!

Loads of support here if you need it, or even if you don't! Good luck honey

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hey and welcome to the site..

this is the best thing you have decided.. the first week is hard but after that it pretty easy... as soon as your body goes into ketosis you shouldnt feel hungry any more.. and you also have an advantage men seems to loose better than women..

they say a stone a month omg so you could be at goal for your holiday!

best of luck and please keep coming here for help advice and support..

hiya welcome to mini's. Come on here when ever you need advise support thats what we are here for.everyone is very friendly. I started cd at over 20 stone and am a under 17stone now. Its a fab diet tough but worth it. You can do this :)
Thank you for the support getting to my goal weight for my hols would be a dream come true. looking aorund the site and seeing what people can loose in a week is just amazing

I think i will tape my mouth up for a few days to get over the pain barrier :D
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Hiyya and welcome!!

You have made the first step to what is a wonderful (but sometimes hard) journey!! My advice is to just take it one day at a time and when/if you think you might cave in, just decide whats more important, the food you want to eat or to be your target weight for your holiday?? The support on minis is invalueable to everyone who comes on here, so when you need a kick or a shoulder to cry on, just come on in and theres usually someone online to talk it through with.

Good luck!
Thank you for the support getting to my goal weight for my hols would be a dream come true. looking aorund the site and seeing what people can loose in a week is just amazing

I think i will tape my mouth up for a few days to get over the pain barrier :D
I was amazed to looking at people's weight loss it really kept me on track when i started. Once you get into ketosis you wont feel hungry. I put a big pic of me on my fridge to remind me of why im doing this and to steer me away from the cupboards! I try and keep as busy as I can and drink lots of water. :)

Best of luck :);)


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Good Luck and...:welcome:LCM.....You will do great!!! (less of the 'failure' rubbish)

Oh and if you must tape your mouth....leave a little hole so you can drink your shakes/soup through a straw!!;)
Welcome LCM, only advice I'd offer you is to treat this first time on CD as your golden time, don't do what I done thinking I could have a day off and get back on and it so difficult. You'll soon have that weight off if you stick with the plan.
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Welcome on board!!!

We'll hear no more of this failure malarky! So much of this diet is in your head and staying positive and believing you can do it are the key to success. You are trying to do something about your weight and in my book that makes you a winner!

Good luck and keep us posted on how your doing.

Georgie xx


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The best advice I can give you, is the more water you drink the faster your weight loss will be, aim for at least 4 litres a day.

sun xx
Hi There,

I am new here too and going to be a day behind as I start on Tuesday, best of luck



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Welcome and good luck! You've made a great decision, and you CAN do it!! xx

Chelle x

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Hi, good luck with your weight loss journey. Keep drinking that water, and you'll do just great.


now got pictures in album
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Welcome, this is the best diet you could have gone on! Make sure you take lots of before pictures. You WILL lose lots of weight in the first week and blokes seem to lose more than women too! it will be hard at first but when Ketosis sets in you wont feel hungry so just drink loads of water
Welcome on board. Hubby is doing the diet with me and, although he started a week later, has lost a stone more than me! His starting weight was 16 stone 8lbs and is now 12 stone 13lbs in 8 weeks.

As long as you can get through the first week, you'll be fine.

Good luck!