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Thinner Tuesday Thread


One day at a time!
Well good morning to all. And a very good morning it is for me as I managed to get through day one 100% ss:D Small steps etc etc!! I feel proud of myself as I've tried to get through day one so many times since the new year and I've finally done it. And I even managed to sit in McDs whilst OH ate a meal and I just sipped coffee:p

Today it's a trip to the vet with my poorly dog for more blood tests, followed by a gentle walk for him. I'm off work at the moment for a couple of weeks so in a way that makes it easier for me to do CD as if I'm tired I can rest and if I'm tempted I can log on here for a bit of inspiration.

Hope everyone has a great day and I'm looking forward to tomorrow already so I can say I've done day 2 100% as well, lol:)
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Well done minxie thats really good! Im hoping that i will do 100% today! But i dont have my official weigh in till thursday so am not to fussed but i am really lol!
I was going to make a tuesday thread but i couldnt think of a name lol!

Im at work today so it is easier for me although everyone is ordering breakfast in so all i can smell is bacon n sausage etc!Not good!
Im not going to say ill be good tonight because i have been saying that and i junx myself so wont do that again! Lol


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Good morning Minxie! I hope that your dog is ok :(

I've got a day of no work and no uni today so I feel like just lazing around in my PJs but I can't, I've got a doctors appointment at 10.20, it was still a lie in for me today though :) Though I suddenly really feel like going to the gym! I'm doing the Race for Life in July, so I probably should be getting to the gym and working up my walking/running, and just generally having walks. I've got a damaged tendon in my ankle, so got to get that strengthened, my physio would beat me if he saw that I didn't do any strengthening exercises for it now!

I hope that whatever you're all doing today you have have fab food free days!


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Oops, cross posted, morning Shanny, morning H2LB.

H2LB, just take each hour as it comes, doesn't seem like such a big job when you do that I find. Evenings are the hardest for me too I have to say. But you can do it! x


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Hi folks :) I got through my day one restart too and am feeling good lol if somewhat tired but... about to have my first soup then go out for a walk.


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Morning everyone, I have this bad cold (again... I seem to get a cold every 3 weeks now :() and really feel like eating something today even though I'm not hungry. I have my WI tonight and feel like I haven't lost much. We'll see. Good luck everyone today :wavey:

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