***Thinning Thoughts Thursday Daily Thread***


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noticed one hadnt been done yet so thought i would start off!

Still very cold and icy in Northants, we're supposed to get lorry loads of not later so staying put today and working from home!

Dietwise, i am comfortable on day 3 of SS! Its nice and easy now and i am enjoying just cooking for the family instead of eating it myself.
Plan so to SS for 4-6 weeks depending on losses and then work up the plans as we go Disneyland Paris again Mid-March so dont want to do anything stupid! I know food will be overly consumed in Disney, but i'm hoping i have learned not to go over the top this time! Fingers crossed!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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Nice to see you here again lizz ;) :D

Well its brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aint it??!!!!!???!!!! another day not working... realising this is gonna have to be another 'holiday' lol!!! am away next friday *thankgoodness!!!!!* (long as plane gets off the ground haha) can cant bleddy wait now...

SOOOOO over the snow!

Have a happy dieting day everyone!!!

:D X


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morning all another snow day for me :) sorry for those of you losing money cause you can't work, my oh is self employed so know how you must feel, luckily he's been able to get into work so far.

Day 3 for me as well, I'm planning to do ss for up to 12 weeks if I can get past first few days, I haven't been able to do that in ages, so for me so far so good.

Hope everyone has a good day


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morning girlies

Well, this white stuff has been around long enough now, we've had it since before xmas.

Day off today so thought i'd spend a bit of time snuggled up in here for a bit before my weigh in later.

Also on day 5 without a ciggie so i need to keep my mind off it. actually, it isn't as bad as i thought it would be.

Wish i was flying off somewhere on holiday soon. center parcs for me at the end of the month for a relaxing time.

Think i better grab my brekkie now:D
then it will be nothing til after weigh in.
I always get stressed out before weigh in. does anyone else get like that?


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Ohhh well done on the cigs!!! i gave up 5 years in June this year and best thing i ever did xxxx

Very good x


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Good Morning Girls!

We are iced up here in London but Gilly I bet Scotland is so pretty and white.
Lizz it is cold here too but Nothants probably has wind as well.

MsEssex.. giving up is amazing. I am trying to do that as well but have cut down from 20/day to 6 so moving along.

Yesterday was my first 100% day in ages. I feel so awesome about it.

Love to all xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
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Definatly still brass monkeys out there! ... the snow is looking lovely until you go out and realise it is just ICE, awful, I cant get into work either and kids off school so no wage for me this week :( ....

Im on day 4 feeling ok, little bit grumpy tho, maybe thats just my hormones haha ... stomach feeling a little sore and i feel a bit heady,
am off to have a warm choc in a mo, should make me feel a little better :)
Have a lovely warm toasty day everyone


running strictly on fat!
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Yep, day 2 for me - not hungry a bit bloated.
Thinking I will be doing ss+ since a bit of chicken helps me to survive in this arctic weather. Beside - no harm caused.
I am about to have my first shake - porridge (which I actualy LOVE!!!)
Have a good day girlies xxx


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
Morning all, am cold, cold, cold. Daughter is off school again but managed to get my sone to the childminder today.

Diet is going ok, just had my porridge and going to hold out for as long as possible for my soup later.

Not a lot I can do today as it is too dangerous to go out (was awful driving to childminder). So might have to watch movies with Beth and come on here.

Have a good afternoon ladies

Charlie xx


please try again
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weigh in day for me today

1l of water down so far, no packs yet


Why Be Normal?
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Hi Ladies,

Day 3 SSing for me: and although I shouldn't, I popped on the scales and am down over 4 pounds since Tuesday morning! I know it is mostly water, but how motivational.

I am planning to SS until I reach goal -- which is 133. I am thinking that I might make it by Valentine's Day (which is good since that is what I put in the Challenge).

I am very cold -- but that is normal for me when SSing, then it IS actually very cold. I keep telling myself that I'm burning a lot of calories maintaining my body heat. LOL



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well done mm, I'm still glugging the water, so far had 3 pints plus a hot vanilla shake, not hungry yet so I'll leave my soup as long as possible. Been catching up on somepaper work plus cleaned the oven, to keep myself busy might venture out for walk to the shops.


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Good afternoon im doing very well feeling alot better, im enjoying having hot water sending me to the loo loads.!

Another day off work loving it.!!!!


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Hello all

Well, I am down with a cold and like many people from a healthcare background, I make a miserable patient. Thankfully at a time such as this I live on my own so can be as grumpy as I like (and look hideous) and not frighten away small children or people with a nervous disposition, lol.

But sticking to CD, day 4, still feeling hungry, got another 3 packs to go and finally managing to drink at least the minimum amount of water.

At home, but still working. Time for a lunch break with the Loose Women x


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Greetings daily folk!

Just been out for a walk to the village, very icy out there! the boss has cancelled work this weekend, aww shame!! (not!)

Just had my tetra, and had a ton of water already.. im going to try and behave on the diet today, its hard being sooo close to goal, yesterday I let it slip a bit.. need to stay focussed to the bitter end! going to have a stir fry later with quorn, looking forward to that!
got a ton of uni work to do, and OH has just hired some DVD's, he off work again, kids home as school shut again..

good luck today all... we can do it!


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I'm feeling cold - so not good doing this diet in the middle of winter but hey it'll all be worth it in the end. Had horrible journeys to and from work and more snow forecast tonight so tomorrow isn't gonna be good either.

It gets bad when it's colder here than Russia and Iceland!


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
well having cooked the family their dinner I left my hubby to it with the kids and went for a long hot bath whilst they ate. Had scented candles and loads of bubbles. Had a face mask too. Was wonderful, just what I needed.

Hope everyone else is having a good evening


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
just back from sliding my way to and from weigh in in the car

6lb gone this week ( i dont know how much damage i did at christmas so this is 6lb less than my weigh in a few days before christmas )


Why Be Normal?
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Need to up my fluids and getting a headache - I am sure it is that (in part). Just am so cold and tired of decaf tea.


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Evening All,

Well done on the 6lbs Sumayyah!!! That's fab!

How did you get on at your WI Sunshine1? Hope the nerves weren't warranted!

How's everyone else getting on today? I'm doing ok but haven't had nearly enough water. Too bloomin cold for water! lol Been having some hot with flavouring in it which is nice, but need to have more plain stuff...

Hope everyone's cosy this evening!
T x