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ProPoints **Thinoncemore** 7 stone to lose diary!

Hi all,

Ive rejoined ww this time on pp and hoping once and for all to lose this weight, i have previously lost over 5 stone on ww discovery, this was about 6 years ago now, but i put it all back on, not ww fault my own for being greedy!:D

Thought i would keep a diary on here , as i know it helps me looking through others for inspiration x
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WK 1

Breakfast2 medium Egg, Boiled4
1 slice(s) Bread, White, Farmhouse2
2 teaspoons Butter2
Subtotal8Lunch1 portion(s) Beef Hamburger7
1 portion(s) Fries & Dips French Fries Medium9
Subtotal16Dinner3 slice(s) Garlic Bread6
80 g Pasta, White, Dried8
1 portion(s) Beef, Mince, Extra Lean, Cooked6
1/4 jar(s) Bolognese Sauce, Extra Mushroom2
Subtotal22Any Time12 whole Almonds4
2 x freddos - Quick-added food6
3 finger Fish Finger, Cod, Grilled5
2 slice(s) Best of Both Medium Sliced White Bread5
1 serving(s) Straight Oven Chips4
Subtotal24Food ProPoints values total used70

42 daily
28 weekly/21 remaining

This was my first day i weighed in that night, my plan is cos im on so many pp 42 per day, i have a blow out once a week on wi day then just eat dailys during the rest of the week. i will still track my blowout though!

Makes me feel bad though how much food i can get through in one day:ashamed0005:
WK 1

Breakfast1/2 pint(s) Milk, Skimmed3
1 medium Apple0
1 biscuit(s) Weetabix2
2 teaspoons Splenda Low Calorie Sweetener Granulated0
6 whole Almonds2
Subtotal7Lunch1 serving(s) Mexican Soft Flour Tortillas3
1 individual Lettuce0
1 medium Spring Onions0
1 large Tomato0
1 portion(s) Ham, Wafer Thin1
1 tablespoons Salad Cream1
1 medium Banana0
1 bar(s) Roasted Peanut Cereal Bars2
Subtotal7Dinner138 g Pork, Loin Steak, lean, Raw6
1 cube(s) Beef Stock Cubes0
1 medium Onion, All Types0
1 serving(s) Carrots, Old, Boiled in Unsalted Water0
1 serving(s) Cauliflower, Boiled in Unsalted Water0
1 portion(s) Beans, Green0
300 g Potatoes, Old, Raw6
2 tablespoons Apple Sauce1
5 teaspoons The Original Gravy Powder2
1 serving(s) Light2
Subtotal17Any Timehalf of salad and ham tortilla wrap - Quick-added food3
pkt french fries multi pack - Quick-added food2
cadbry freddo - Quick-added food3
1/4 pint(s) Milk, Skimmed1
6 whole Almonds2
Subtotal11Food ProPoints values total used42

42 daily
21 weekly remaining
Breakfast1/2 pint(s) Milk, Skimmed3
1 sachet(s) Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Flavour4
1 teaspoons Splenda Low Calorie Sweetener Granulated0
1 portion(s) Strawberries0
1 medium Banana0
1 serving(s) Onken Fat Free Natural Biopot Yogurt2
Subtotal9Lunch2 slice(s) Sliced Malted Danish Bread3
5 g Flora Light Spread1
1 portion(s) Ham, Wafer Thin1
1 teaspoons Original Pickle0
1 pack(s) Quavers, Cheese2
Subtotal7Dinner438 g Potatoes, Old, Raw9
1 individual Lettuce0
1 medium Pepper, Red0
1 medium Spring Onions0
1 large Tomato0
145 g Shellfish, Prawns, Peeled & Cooked3
20 g Light2
2 tablespoons Seafood Sauce2
Subtotal16Any Time1 chocolate toffee - Quick-added food1
2 medium Tangerines0
1 medium Banana0
2 medium Egg, Whole4
1 portion(s) Mushrooms0
1 teaspoons Oil, Olive1
1 bar(s) Curly Wurly3
1 honey nut cluster - Quick-added food1
Subtotal10Food ProPoints values total used42
Hi there :) here to be nosey and see how you do, as we have similar start weights :)


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Well done on ur 6lb loss! Thats brill x
wowzers , well done you!

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