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Step 1 Sole Source Third Pack?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by danders, 19 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. danders

    danders Well-Known Member

    Do you have to have your third packet if you don't fancy it?
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  3. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Well-Known Member

    What step you on?

    Total loss on cambridge - 2 stone 11lb :)
  4. danders

    danders Well-Known Member

    Sole Source. I suspect that I do for the vitamins and basic calorie count.
  5. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Well-Known Member

    Yes I'd have it. You need the vitamins and calories. If you was on step 2 or 3 I'd say maybe not (I occasionally don't) but your hardly having anything on ss so I would have it.

    Total loss on cambridge - 2 stone 11lb :)
  6. danders

    danders Well-Known Member

    Thank you Liz, I've just had a chocolate mint hot chocolate

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