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Third Time Lucky...!

I've been really struggling since I started uni again. I thought perhaps a new diary would help.

Background- I started my calorie counting journey at 17 stone 13 in April last year. I lost 3.5 stone in 5 months and then started uni. I managed to lose a bit more and then went on holiday to Oz where I put about a stone on. Since then, I have got to around 14.5-15 stone and have basically stayed the same- that was 10 months ago!

Uni is being such an obstacle to my weight loss. I have awful self control when it comes to binging.

I live with skinny boys and a skinnier girl, and I am fed up with it!

From today, my plan is to be a lot more controlled- no more skipping logging food, and treating myself for no reason.

I'll weigh every Friday and my starting weight is 14.13.
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Good luck hun. You CAN do this! I think you should try not to ever completely "deprive" yourself in your situation. Like go out and stuff still. Just make sure you're sticking to your calories drinks and food wise. Check restaurant calories beforehand. I ended up doing this a lot cos we ate out soo damn much! Everyone always had a birthday or something to celebrate lol.

Oh and if you don't already, try and make your lunches yourself rather than picking up a sandwich or something that'll probably be loads more calories!
Luckily the rest of the housemates are trying not to go out too so that will help. We have a party in a week and a half so I wont drink until then. I will try my hardest to measure my drink but it's hard!

When we have the party, my bf is coming to stay which means he'll want pizza etc, so I'll just try to avoid that.

Today has been good. I'm just under 1200 cals. :)
Well done! Yeah, parties are the worst. I get so drunk I forget what I've drunk and forget the diet coke and drink whatever I can get my hands on lol. With parties I just let myself mess up for that night and then forget about it cos it is normally over 2000 calories for the whole day and there's just no point making it up lol. It's the only time I let myself do that and I try not to do it very often so I don't let a tiny setback like that get to me, especially if it was a brilliant night lol.
Well done. I have always been under the impression that pesto is really high cal, so don't use it anymore. Your dinner sounds lovely though. :)
The pesto is high cal, but the mushrooms were only 24 cals for two! So had the spare cals. I don't use it normally though because of that.

Had another good day today. Very pleased with myself!

Do have 8 bars of aero mint in the fridge though - was trying to do a glitch they had on at tescos which didn't work so now I have 8 bars! I'll try to keep them in there for as long as possible!
Wooooo! I have made it four full days at 100%! I haven't done this in so long!! Also managed to stick to no chocolate - despite having 8 mint aeros in my fridge!

My plan on Monday when I restarted was to not weigh until Friday - have managed that too! I also said I would let myself have chocolate on Friday so that's my treat tomorrow!

Feeling very motivated and am hoping for at least a 3lb loss even though it's only been 4 days - good old water weight!
Dunno how you're so good with mint aero around! Well done! Good luck for weigh in :)
Well done! That's excellent!
Thats excellent - well done!!

How many calories are you restricting yourself to per day?

Do you record your food intake on here anywhere? I am starting on Monday and really want to get this right! :)


I'm having about 1350 a day at the moment - just recording it on my fitness pal.

I generally have belvita and a yoghurt for breakfast, a wrap, crisps and a choc mousse for lunch and dinner is some fish or meat with salad and spaghetti hoops!

My exercise is generally just 30 min walk or so, but I occasionally swim or yesterday I went to a roller disco!


Slimming down the aisle
I've only just found your new diary! I thought your old one had gone a bit quiet haha

Sounds like you're doing really well this time around! Is 185 your final goal?


Slimming down the aisle
Ah ok, I was going to say you're pretty close then! My end goal is (I think) 189 which is 13st 7lbs. That still puts me a little above normal but I honestly don't think that I'll ever be 'normal'. According to the dukan website, that's my ideal weight. It was also what I calculated as being my lean muscle mass plus my ideal body fat percentage. So I figured it was a good place to aim for though I haven't been anything close to that in such a long time that I have no idea how that'll look and/or feel so will just take it as it comes and see how it goes.

How are you finding it being back at uni again?
Caroline, I have my Dukan goal as 177! Before when I first got it I thought hey, that seems better for me. I've never been slim, never will be. But as I am getting closer to it, it's so weird, I'm thinking I can get past that! See how you feel when you get there! That is definitely my first goal though :)


Slimming down the aisle
Yeah that's what I'm thinking. That's my goal at the moment, could well change as I get closer!

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