Third Weigh In - Disappointed!!

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by Clairemx, 29 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. Clairemx

    Clairemx I Will Do It :)

    I have just weighed in and I am just down 1lb, I have been really good this week and stuck to it 100% :(:(

    I am disappointed as I had a really bad weekend last week and still lost a pound .. Was just hoping for a bit more this week :(:(

    I am not going to give up though, I will just have to try do more excercise I guess!!

    Good luck to everyone else weighing today!!

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  3. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    oh. no.... thats really sad to hear.. i hope the next week is better for you... maybe the bad week was still catching up with you (if you get what i mean and i dont know if that happens or not..)
    i hope that you get better results next week!
    Good LUCK
  4. Clairemx

    Clairemx I Will Do It :)

    Thanks, maybe it did just catch up on me, not sure if that happens either haha!!

    How are you getting on??x
  5. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    getting on great although im bed ridden now. ive hurt my back again and cant walk! ehhhhhhh chiropractor this avo and also drs app so hopefully it will allow me to get something stronger. but its horrible.
    so no exersise for me! :( so which might mean for me no loss next week. but i will stick to it! i just hate having to let my boss down. as i am a Nanny. its horrid.
  6. FattyMcBigbum

    FattyMcBigbum Gold Member

    Grrr it sucks when the weight loss slows down, good on ya for not giving up on it though :) x
  7. Caloriefree

    Caloriefree Full Member

    Cant give up. When you get into weight loss you need to remember sometimes you lose alot and sometimes you dont. Cant have the good times without the bad times. Have you been working out alot? Because you might have lost more you just gained muscle thats very possible..And my problem! lol
  8. Dancinggirl

    Dancinggirl Member

    I'm having to accept a slowly but surely approach lol!

    Week 1 = -2lb
    Week 2 = -1lb
    Week 3 = -1lb

    I have to admit I was hoping to have a better kick start than 4lbs in 3 weeks but apparently my system just doesn't seem to work that way! I do understand your disappointment at the last couple of weeks though - I feel your pain my dear.....

  9. Caloriefree

    Caloriefree Full Member

    hey sam. Are you drinking the amount of water your suppose to? You should try adding more protein to your diet because protein helps you burn calories faster. And also once every other week eat a nice meal out and it will kick start the weight loss again, But dont over do it. Just have a little bit more fat and calories than normal. Because if your always on a diet your body is going to be storing fat and if it sees that you are giving in to your old ways it will loosen that fat up and you can lose better. Im not a doctor or nothing but i'm thinking about becoming a personal trainer or a diet expert lol so i've been doing alot of reading on ways to lose and it really does work! If your sticking to your diet and having atleast 10 mins straight of exercise a day then you should lose atleast 2lbs a week or atleast shoot for 2 a week. Also make sure you are getting enough fiber and regularly going to the restroom. Because a normal person goes 1-2 times a day still has around 5lbs of waste in there body on a normal day and if your not going atleast once a day you may have alot more weight left inside you like that so thats very important. Sorry if that is TMI but lol oh well! it may help!
  10. JeniPring

    JeniPring Full Member

    even though its only a lb it all adds up :)
  11. Clairemx

    Clairemx I Will Do It :)

  12. Caloriefree

    Caloriefree Full Member

    Well im glad you read it then!! Yeah its a big problem with me also. While i was preggo the pills they gave me really backed me up and every since i have trouble. What ive found that is yummy and helps in the prunes that are in a little single package..they come in a round tube and are really sweet and taste like a fruit roll up. Eat about 4 a day 90cals and it naturally makes you go. Or any prunes but they are the sweetest and taste the best to me.
  13. Clairemx

    Clairemx I Will Do It :)

    Gads I hate prunes but will give it a go!!!

    Anything else you can suggest??
  14. Caloriefree

    Caloriefree Full Member

    There are alot of different shredded wheat cereals that are very yummy. i personally like the brown sugar. its lower in cals than the frosted. I would not get the plain tho..taste like chewing on hay lol Other than that the prunes are still the best. Just try them they are way different than any other brand there very good!
  15. Dancinggirl

    Dancinggirl Member

    Hey thanks for this! I know I'm not so great with the water actually but I can't claim to have a problem with retaining waste lol!

    I struggle to get my specific exercise in (by that I mean actually doing something like an exercise tape every day) around the full time job and childcare. I am very active though and twice a week I do a 90 minute dance class (tap & ballroom), but am relying largely on that.

    I wonder if my body's so used to dance as a form of exercise (regardless of just how aerobic the classes are) that I need to really do something different instead?

    My big challenge is simply not to comfort eat a whole pile of rubbish which is why I went for Slim fast to try and teach my appetite a thing or two about portion control!

    I'm trying to appease myself with the fact that it took me a long time to put the weight on, so I probably shouldn't expect it to come off quickly.....

  16. Caloriefree

    Caloriefree Full Member

    DancingGirl Maybe you could take up a different kind of dance also or try a yoga class or maybe take up running. Your still burning off alot of calories but as you said your body is use to that kind of dance so you dont burn as much as you could if you did something else also.

    And slimfast will help you with eating less..i also started it because of that reason. i follow the can to a T!
  17. Dancinggirl

    Dancinggirl Member

    Mmmm, it's difficult to do anything that requires being out of the house alone as my DP works away so I struggle for childcare (so running is a problem). Shame my buggy isn't really up to bringing the baby running too!

    I wondered if perhaps I'm not helping myself by not spreading my exercise into smaller amounts but more frequently. Do you think that would work more efficiently for getting my system kickstarted to burn some calories?

    I will try something else (been fitting in the odd Natalie Cassidy DVD) so just have to keep persevering I guess!


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