this bleeding weather...


Thin People Only
is making me so hungry!!!!! When its cold, I always want to wolf down food!!
Try the Summer Berry flavouring with hot water as it is lovely for warming you up.

Also the vegetable flavouring can do wonders for warming you up.

Also a trip to Milletts may be in order!

Mike, have you got your snood out yet??
Think I need to buy warm undies.
Never felt the cold before,but then had lots of fat to keep me warm
Still I would rather be thin and cold then fat and hot.
Hot choccy tetra time,must get loads next week mmmmmm
i find that a coffee made with a few teaspoons of the vanilla pack got rid of the munchies, i loved this so much i still have them and im on 1200 now but i wouldnt miss it,