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This diet is mental!

I am starting on Monday and wrote out my menu for next week. I am doing 5 green days and 2 original. I had everything planned and thought it was loads of food and then I realised I hadnt used any syns at all! Oops! So I then had to go back and add MORE food! It is sooo much more than I would normally eat! How this is going to work is baffling me!
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Fighting the bulge
lol i have to agree it does go against every fad diet out there but if you look at your menu without thinking green, red, EE then its just healthy eating!

Stick to your 1st week and you'll see how it works!

Good luck :)
Hi summerrose, good luck with SW :)

I remember first starting SW I ate soooo much, now I feel like I don't eat enough.. maybe need to pretend I'm a newbie to kickstart it again?!


Fighting the bulge
to give you some sort of idea, today so far ive eaten...

1 x banana
72g of prunes (1 hex B)
1 x FF activia

200g bbq chicken (0.5 syns)
130g grapes
2 x tablespoons Salad cream light (4 syns)

Its only 1:30, i havent eaten as much as usual as didnt have time for weetabia and I havent even had my snack, dinner, pudding, snack and whatever else i fancy yet! lol

you can eat loads and loads and loads!! :)
Its funny really. You get a thread like this, and everyone says trust the plan, it will work. Then you get another thread about calorie counting your slimming world food. Both threads completely contradict each other!

Which is it? :rolleyes:


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Each diet works for different reasons but combining the two will not necessarily be of benefit. Yes, simply reducing calorie intake will give you a loss but so will eating high calories of the right foods. It's the same as cutting calories vs cutting fat. It's not always possible to combine the two
Hiya summerrose, I thought exactly the same when I started 5 weeks ago, I am eating so much more than before but am eating more healthy foods, fruit and veg :) (and not filling up on junk I was before) it works I think because you re-learn how to eat properly.
My sweet tooth has even started to shut up!
Good luck with SW :)
I think tha many can eat all that and lose weight. Think it often depends where you start from basically. ALso, lets be honest, we do all ahve different metabolisms too. My best friend, I spend alot of time with her, at work and otherwise, you would not believe what she scrams! Every day. Calories and calories. Her favourite is a huge bagett with four big sausages from the butchers. SHe never put osn weight. So think it may depend.



I want to be fitter again
Its funny really. You get a thread like this, and everyone says trust the plan, it will work. Then you get another thread about calorie counting your slimming world food. Both threads completely contradict each other!

Which is it? :rolleyes:
Hi that was my fault with the calorie counting BUT and its a big but, when I started in May with about 2 1/2 stone to loose I ate loads and lost loads. As I have lost and very near my target I was still eating loads and the portions hadn't changed. Now eating less and weight coming off again xx
I know a lot of people who lose the bulk of their weight with SW then switch to WW for the last bit for the portion control. I think it depends on how much control YOU have. Although it's free food, that's an option not a challenge! We all still have the option to control what we eat and exercise some restraint. I know that when I get closer to goal I will have to reduce my Syns and possibly my free food intake
But really, do you get to a point when you cant trust the plan? Is it a bigger persons plan I wonder?[/QUOTE]

It's not that, the plan says you eat until you are satisfied. If you are not hungry then you shouldn't be eating. If you are eating a meal, don't scoff it all until it's gone if you were satisfied after half the plate!

Also, when you have more weight to lose your body needs to eat more just to function every day. (Basic metabolic rate) As you lose weight, you don't need to eat as much. So for those of us who are within a stone of target we certainly don't need to eat as much as we did at the beginning of the plan - for me this we 3 1/2 stone heavier!

But at the start of the plan, i like everyone else, ate tonnes of healthy, free foods, loved it and lost 3 1/2 stone! It does work. trust it. but remember, you eat until you are satisfied.

As I said at the beginning it says this in all the books, but I think that the consultants are pushed to promote the whole "eat as many free foods as you like" because it's a healthier alternative to "eat as much junk as you like". but even better is to have such a healthy relationship with food that you only want to eat when you're actually hungry and it's a meal time.

Eat to live, not live to eat.

That's my thoughts, anyway xxx

Summerose, good luck with the plan. i'm sure you'll love your first week. Enjoy the freedom it gives you and look forward to that first weigh in, it's such a great feeling to lose the weight and to have had so much wonderful food too! xxx
Thanks Taz! I've been thinking about this for ages now, and feel as though I've finally found the solution to my sloooow losses which have been getting me down for months. I think it's so important that everyone accepts this part of the plan. It's not that SW doesn't work, it really does! But...How many people post on here every day feeling really depressed and frustrated because they're doing everything right and not seeing any results? It gets us really down, and actually we're being told conflicting things at class about free foods. I feel like a new woman since i had this realisation! xxx
The plan is the base, we all still have a responsibility to exercise common sense. It's simple: If you can have 2200 cals per day when calorie counting you could just eat 10 mars bars and nothing else. You would still be within the 'rules' of that particular plan but is it healthy or sensible? NO. You would also be extremely hungry. Free food is generally bulky slow energy release food so you need less of it. for example, you couldn't eat 10 bowls of pasta!

There is a difference between FREE food and ZERO SYN/SYN FREE food. pasta, potatoes, lean meat, fruit, veg, all free. Pasta n sauce, FF yogurts, LF supernoodles etc are all Syn free. The free foods are what you should be eating most of and the Syn free should be more limited.

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