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This diet just doesnt work....

Since I started SW Ive been putting on and losing the same 7 - 10lbs. Im just getting nowhere. So this week I came to the conclusion that SW just doesnt work for me. Not sure why but clearly its not working. So now, what do I do. Do I go back to WW again - hmmm probably, I do like WW, it suits me, but then the things I eat now I wouldnt have on WW, couldnt have my macaroni cheese and I love that lol Or, should I bite the bullet and go for a VLCD for a few months....

I was just thinking how its a shame SW doesnt work and I got to thinking WHY it didnt work then I realised there was one big fundamental thing wrong!


Every week Im having a day (or 2) where I dont stick to it, ok it might only be a few extra syns here or there, or not measuring something, just little things but it all adds up.

So how can I blame the diet for not working when its me whos sabotaging it???

SOOOO here we are tomorrow is Day One again. Im going to stick to it 100% no messing around, no deviating from the plan just total commitment and sticking to the rules.

Im also too obsessed with the scales at my wi... theyre just not cooperating just now so Im changing the way I weigh in. From now til Jan 1st Im not going to look at what I weigh, just focus on how much Ive lost. Im going to change the scales to weigh me in lbs only and take a note on Monday of my starting lbs then each week just look at how much Ive lost and ignore what I weigh. Probably doesnt make sense but hey it does in my head lol

My clicks back... roll on monday :)
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Lover of Extra Easy
Well done for realising SW does really work!
It does, as you can see from so many who have lost so much.
The odd day off plan does make a difference, as does the odd extra syn here and there, and not measuring HEXbs.
That is probably why I am a little slower than I should be. I think I always stick to plan, but I do get a tiny bit naughty now and then. The odd extra half a syn add up, and I am sure that's what it is but that's ok.
Good luck. I am sure you'll do great!


Gone fishing
How very strange that you should write about this as I was thinking about you and WW, and all yesterday.

When you did WW, you were 'by the book'. No wendie plan;) (not that I don't agree with the wendie plan....but that's not the point :D) You did it as written and totally believed in sticking to the rules to make it work.

I was the same with Cambridge. And yes, I did have blips, but I didn't purposely try to tweak it with the odd coke zero etc.

I was also thinking about Jim, another success story, hence some of my questions in the Interview Jim thread. I get the impression that he didn't tweak. He stuck to the rules exactly as laid out.

So, what have we 3 got in common? We successfully lost weight over the long term.

It wasn't the diet as such. It was sticking to the rules that made it work for us.

So now you just need to get that old Sandy out. The one that is passionate about doing it all by the book ;) Because you know it works better for you that way.

Meanwhile, you've lost a hell of a lotta weight mate :clap: and perhaps you need to find new goals. No doubt you were trying to get away from being the size you were...and you've done that :clap: Though you want to lose more, you are probably feeling a lot more comfortable. It's not so pressing IYKWIM.

New goals, and know why you want them. Then go for it. No messin' ;) Because regardless of what diet you are doing, you'll get there if you stick to it. And you've proved over and over again that you can do that.


Gone fishing
Oh, and not saying you are 'tweaking' at the mo, more like some 'blips', just posted on what I was thinking about yesterday...that you didn't tweak :D
Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your weight loss. I personally LOVE SW as it has helped me go from a size 20 to a size 14 and a weight loss of 4 stone and half a pound. The thing I LOVE about slimming world is the syn FREE food, you can literally eat as much as you like and still lose weight. Try to eat as many S and SS foods as you can as this will help boost your loss also. Make sure you are having your healthy extra's too as this ensures your body getting the correct nutrients it needs.

Would love to know how you get in at weigh in after being a good girl hehehe x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
If only all the other detractors of SW came to your way of thinking! Well done for taking the responsibility!
Id recommend taking your measurments too as a guide of how well you are doing. Its amazing how they drop when you think you aren't losing pounds.
good luck with your 100% motivation, the weight will drop off you in no time x


I will succeed!!!
Great post Starlight - good luck with the next step xxx


I want to be fitter again
Starlight. . . that was a very brave thing to say on here. i really admire your honesty. If you're honest with yourself as well, then change will happen. Save your "days off" for special occasions for a while. What may help is if you have a syn free first part of the day then treat yourself to something with a high syn value in the evening, e.g a kit kat for 11 and half syns good luck xx
What an absolutely fantastic post Starlight.
There are so many people who think SW isn't right for them and look for reasons why it isn't working (bananas and muller lights being the favourite culprits!) and mostly it's because the plan isn't being followed to the letter.

I love this post - thank you for writing it and good luck. xx
What an empowering post! Rather than lay blame with someone/something else, you have bravely taken responsibility AND got a plan!

Inspirational, mate. You really deserve success xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Starlight Hun...you are fantastic! You have hit the nail on the head as to why people give up so easily on SW...only you have recognised the problem.
As you have said yourself.....start from day 1 again and I can assure you the weight will come off and more than the "tennis" 7-10lbs.
Well done Hun and I wish you all the very best of luck...you can and you will do this!


Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
Good for you Starlight! Very well said! I wish there were more people who could come to this conclusion about Slimming World! All the Best o'luck'n'stuff to you from here on in!


Nojo on the YoYo
totally agree! It does irk me when people blame the banana and not the takeaway or the chocolate that they had for their gain or the reason why the plan doesn't work. They should do as Starlight's done. Embrace the real reasons and get back on track. Good girl!!