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this is a new one on me...hope it helps!

hi everybody. i am joining this forum in the hope that it will help with motivation! ten years ago at the age of 20 i was 10 st, i gained 4 stone over three years and two pregnancies, and slowly lost it all, until i reached 9 st 6. i was loving it :) then i met my husband and the weight has crept on over the last 18 months from 10st to my current weight of 11st 3 :cry:i am very unhappy that ive undone a lot of my hard work and feel very depressed about my weight. ive decided its time to take action and start going back down instead of keeping on going up!! i am hoping that people on here might help keep me motivated and help me feel better. i look forward to hearing from you x x
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hi :) just like you ive been up and down in the space of around 8 years, but this time i want to stay down forever! hehe. We also have a similar goal and are going about it a similar way (no partic diet just eating less, and only eating when hungry, so simple yet ive already lost 5lbs in 7days) i hope minimins helps to keep you motivated, it helps to know that there are other guys and gals out there doing so well! Good luck with your weight loss :)
hope to hear from you soon
Well,, although i joined a while ago i lost all motivation and stoped using minimins all together, so im not totally sure how to use it either hehe, but i dont think you need to add people like on facebook ect, anyone can make posts and leave messages. i think there may be more to it, but im not really the best person to ask :D sorry not much help!
ive tried weight watchers as thats how i lost all my previous weight but i found that my downfall was running out of points and not being organised...if i was out, didnt have my planner or points finder it would all go to bits. so this time im just trying to be sensible about what i eat. im so glad all of you have replied to me, i really look forward to being a part of this x thanks guys x

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Hi hun, you've come to the right place here - we're all here to inspire and encourage one another.
Your story is similiar to mine, I used to weight 9st and now weight 13st, my biggest was over 14st - I can't believe I let myself get so big, I'm ashamed of myself for it and totally fed up that none of my lovely clothes no longer fit me and that none of the nice clothes in the shops fit me so I'm now determined to lose all this and get back down into my true weight.

You will be able to do it, you've done it once before and you'll do it again - hope to see you around and if you need any help with anything don't be afraid to ask!
Speak soon x

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
ps. can anyone help with my ticker...i just made a fab one but cant figure out how to put it on my profile?!
Did you make it with TickerFactory? There are a few boxes with links in after you've made your ticker - copy the first one and then come on here - click on User CP - then click on Edit Signiture, paste what you copied into the box and click save. It should then work.

I'm not too good at explaining so I hope this helps!

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