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This is becoming harder not easier!!


This is the last time!!
I think a lot of people will admit that they found week 3 a struggle - I know I did! Stick to it tho because your results will make you so proud of yourself.
I think I find it hard as I'm making my husbands tea and sandwich box, I know I should probably make him do it but...I have always done it.

I really want to stick to it 100% maybe I need to find other things to do when I'm hungry.


This is the last time!!
I still have to make all the food in my house and be around the kids at work during their snack and lunch, but somehow I just manage - I really don't know how!

Distraction does work wonders for me though - I seek refuge in the bath mroe often than not with a good book or gossip magazine!


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Week 3 is a killer week! The 'novelty' has worn off and I think it becomes harder. You will get through it because you can and you're strong and you deserve it.

Chin up. It'll be worth it in the end.


Laugh in the face of food
I struggled in week three too, it's common, I also find that my week 3 weight loss is less than the first two weeks, if that happens don't let it put you off, my CDC said it's just a sign that your body has settled into the VLCD and it usually picks up the following week. (lol don't look at my losses this time round I'm stalling big time for some reason. But first couple of times I had great losses!!)


Laugh in the face of food
Boo I don't think I am unless I lose a limb in the night lol:p, the scales have not moved at all since last week - think they're broken:mad: Maybe next week!!!
Well this week i'm finding really hard and to top it off tonight i'm really struggling to go to loo and have eatten chicken?!?! For some stupid reason i thought it may help?!?
Now loosing a limb might not be a bad idea to help loose weight :0)


Laugh in the face of food
Don't worry about the chicken hun, it's allowed on SS+ and weight losses are more or less the same on both SS and SS+. As for toilet troubles, I'd get some sennakot. Once you're unblocked, add fibre such as fibresure or psyllium husks (available at Holland & Barratt) to your shakes and that should stop the problem re-occurring. KD is good with these things maybe try PMing her.
week 3 is a nasty week. everyone says so. it's like you're in the swing of the diet and in ketosis and thinking.... and now what! your losses tend to be, in most cases, a little lower than normal.

week 3 will soon be a distant memory. i'm into week 10 now. don't know where that's gone! i was supposed to be at goal now, well in my mind i was lol.... that's not gone to plan. flaming body is unpredictable!

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