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This is getting tough...


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Hang in in there Amanda.. weekends are notoriously HARD! I promise it does get better xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hey Amanda.

Listen, the first few days are always the hardest and if you have come to day 3, then please dont look back. Food is only tempting you. so that you can fall off your wagon.

Give yourself at least 2 weeks, and then look back and ask you self was it worth it or not. Im sure it will be as in 2 weeks alone, you would be able to not only see differences on the scale but also in your inches as well.

Try keeping yourself busy, or drink more water. These normally help

Your doing CD for yourself, so dont choose the wrong path now...

check out this link, it might help you to stay focused:

Good Luck


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hi amanda

nice name, my names amanda jane too :D

It will get so much better in the next day or 2 and you WILL feel so much better :D


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get past day 5 and it's easy peasy, I promise. it's worth sticking at it because those pounds will justr drop off you!
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Hello fellow Amanda Jane!

I fell off the wagon a little :eek: but am dusting myself off and geting back on it.

Not BAD you - HUMAN you. This is tough, there's no denying it.
What did you eat? Was it very carby? Unfotunately, you may have just prolonged the hunger thing but well done for getting back on track.

I'm on day 6 so I do feel for you but I promise it gets easier.


jelly belly
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just keep at it
first few days are the hardest i promise
it was about 2weeks before i really started to manage the ss

i`m on week 4 now and cooking for the family is a joy cos i savour all the smells but am not tempted
you can gets this far if you carry on

keep posting on here and dont let that little voice convince you you need food


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