This is it....LAST CHANCE


So here goes, Im 25 years old and a student. have been overweight for the last 5 years and i just feel my life has not changed in the last 5 years. iv been especailly struggling with my weight for the last 3 years. I used to be a trim size 10 and then suddenly due to life stresses piled on 6 stones over 5 years. I still sometimes think how did this happen? How did i let myself get like this. For the last 3 years iv tried a million times to adopt a healthy life style and this is it my last chance i feel, as i cant keep failing. for the first time iv joined a forum and will post from time to time how im doing. so heres the damage, just went to boots and weighedmyself:
height 5.2
weight 14 stones and 9 pounds
BMI of 37.9 :cry:
so over weight by 5 STONES :sigh:

i should be to be at the top end scale for a BMI of 25 (9.9 stones (61.6)

will weigh myself every week
have also just joined the gym so here goes to a new beggining, a new me and CHANGE ;)
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S: 309lb C: 175lb G: 159lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 134lb(43.37%)
Hi i was wanted to say welcome to mini mins and good luck with your weightloss. Hope your first week goes well. x


Hi thanks alot emma, and your doing fantastic at the moment, keep it up. Started Monday and felt really positive and motivated and monday went great with a good day food wise and also a gym class and today went good as well and done another bums legs and tums exercise class but today have really felt it. just really missed all the junk food :( but the first 2 weeks is going to be hard and hopefully it will get better and the pounds will start dropping off : )))



Day 1:
breakfast - fruit and fibre cereal with low fat alpro soya milk
lunch was a bowl of lentil heinz soup with 4 plums.
dinner was a low fat 520 calories weight watchers pizza with like hardly no cheese on it just veg - it was more like bread with vegetables on it.
snacks: 10 grapes/ apple
drank only 1 litre of water (its going to tak time to get to 2 litres a day)
exercise class for 1 hour at the gym

DAY 2:
Breakfast apple/pear/2 plums was in a rush so just grabbed this fruit
lunch: 3/4 pack speedy noodle made with water
dinner: 1 grilled potatoe waffle, 1 grilled veggie pattey, pot heinz beans and filled up on vegetables = 750 cals
snacks- 1 iceland low fat yogurt
1.5 litres of water

exercise class (1 hour) at the gym


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S: 309lb C: 175lb G: 159lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 134lb(43.37%)
Hi Sabzy, How are you getting on? Looks as though the first 2 days went well. How are you doing with the water- thats my down fall- i really dont drink enough water. x