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This is it.


Yummy Mummy! xx
As of tomorrow morning I am 100% back on the plan. I have been messing around for far to long, wasted a fortune at wi's week in and week out to lose/gain the same 4lb and feeling rubbish. Its embarrassing at class when they go round and Ive lost only 6.5lb but have been to class for ages and one girl has only been for 5 weeks and got awarded her 1.5stone award last week - THAT IS GOING TO BE ME!!!!

Ive had a horrendous week- binged, eaten until I have been physically sick, cried, shouted etc etc and Ive realised that I need to get a grip.

Ive got a few personal issues at the moment - financial worries, arguing with OH etc but Ive realised that overeating and binging isnt the way to solve things.

Ive drawn a line, going to hold my head up high at wi tomorrow night (Im expecting a gain of 5lb after everything Ive had this week) and begin my sw journey again with pride!

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That's the attitude. Go for it!
Good luck!
You tell em and well done!! If you've seen my post earlier today I have been in the same boat the patk week. I am going to WI tomorrow expecting a gain, then going to draw a massive line under it!! xx
Diets are easy when you are 'in the zone' and hellish when you are not.

Work on tomorrow being a good day, then the next, and before you know it you'll have had a good week.:)
You go for it. Only you can make it happen hun, good luck :553:
Hi there!

Thats the right attitude to have :D

I know what you mean about not loosing quickly, I have been on SW 6 weeks and only lost 7 pounds, other people have lost well over a stone and it makes feel crappy that I a not loosing quickly- but the way I am looking at it is, the slower it comes off the more likely it is to stay off :D

Its hard when you have lots of other things going on, I am an emotional eater too and Its horrible when you feel like you can't control it- but you can! and have the right attitude so YOU GO GIRL!!

and your right, you are worth it, and feeling that way is half the battle in being successful.

Tomorrow is a new day! A fresh start. Good Luck and do it for yourself.

Claire xx
lost more

hiya i know the feeling, a lady who joined sw a few weeks after me has lost 19lb in 5 weeks and me 12 n half pound in 8 weeks, but i suppose the fact is i have always used sweetners and skimmed milk so i am not cutting them out, and the other lady i would say has a lot more to lose than me, but i am really pleased for her and jealous,


Will be slinky!
You sounds focussed and positive, so remember this and tonnes of /hugs and good luck :D You go for it!!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Good luck hun xxx


Yummy Mummy! xx
thank you all!

Im sat here in tears reading your responses and I feel so much more positive today!

I have planned my menu, going for a 3 mile walk with my daughter in pushchair (even though its bucketing down) and Im going to go to WI early tonight and have a quiet word with my leader, explain what is happening with me and get it under control. Im going to stay for body magic, buy the new magazine and be positive.


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