so hungry, I want to eat.. why is this???

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by sophia-jo, 29 August 2007 Social URL.

  1. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    sorry for starting a thread just about the way I'm feeling today....
    (be prepared for a rant)

    It's not time of the month for me and I've not had a bad day really so can't blame me feeling down on anything else....don't get me wrong..I'm not that down..I am so hungry though and I really want to eat. I've not felt like this very often on CD, of course I have wanted to eat for taste but not because of hunger.

    I don't plan on eating but I'm scared in case I do because I've been so tempted...omg, what's tea time gonna be like eh??

    I know I've come this far and I don't want to blow it coz I'll just end up going backwards and gaining weight. I baked some chicken breasts last night for DH and made some homemade sauce (it's bladdy gorgeous) and made penne pasta to go with it and I just wanted to wolf it down...even if it was just some plain old chicken.....I couldnt do it, I'm so scared of failing on cd coz I know if I cheat then I won't get back on the wagon. I feel if I eat outside of aam week then it's total cheating and would eat something even worse!! I know I would, that's the way I am, all or nothing, although this is the first time I've opted for NOTHING!

    sorry for having a moan guys, I just want to eat...and even more sorry for listing foods in my post, I hate to read about food sometimes.... I've seen a few tickers with food on them, omg, I have to look away at times, honestly.... why put food in peoples face when we can't eat it, it's total torture to those on soul source???? this may sound over the top but the last thing I want to see when people are posting is a bladdy big hamburger at the end of it. I may sound over the top today...don't care though, I'm bladdy starvin!!!!

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  3. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    me again....

    sorry for the previous rant.

    I'm just finishing my 2nd tetra of the day...I hope this sorts me out.
  4. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

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    Hi Sophia-Jo

    Sorry you feel so crap. Who knows why our bodies react like they do and why all of sudden you feel hungry. I used to get the same feeling too.

    I think you have done tremendously well and the best thing is not to give into temptation at all - take it from someone who knows, once you start it's hard to stop.

    Can't really say anything to make you feel better, but just want to send you lots of love and hugs xxx
  5. Supa_Tan

    Supa_Tan Full Member

    Sophia Jo

    Firstly, you shouldn't apologise for 'moaning' as you call it as that is what the forum is designed for, to give each other support during good and bad times.

    I'm sorry that you're having a tough time but I really dont think you should beat yourself up about it as it is normal. At the end of the day you're following a pretty tough diet and you've been doing it for quite a while now so it's normal that you'll have tough days. I'm a little bit behind you and I know I am struggling big time after finishing AAMW last week. I just haven't really had access to the internet to moan about it!!

    You are really strong so I know you will stick to it. Just remember how far you've come and how well you've done!!

    Maybe try to think of a few things you can do tonight to take your mind off eating? A nice bath, paint your nails etc just so your not sitting around fixating on food all night?

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know you're not alone x
  6. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    cheers westiegirl, I've just taken a look at your photos on your link, may I say you look marvelous, you have done ever so well. I especially love the wedding pictures. The dresses for you bridesmaids are gorgeous, I love the colour, and you looked stunning.

    Well done on your weight loss and thanks for your help xx sj xx
  7. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    hi Tan, thanks hun. you're right, it is a tough diet :eek: although sometimes are ok and I can handle it... AAM week is great but like you say it's a struggle afterwards, that's why lots of people have turned to 790 after aam week. :hug99:hug to you and hope getting back to ss becomes easier for you.

    I don't plan on cheating and I hope I'm strong enough to resist the tea tonight...I won't say what I'm cooking for DH & DD, don't want to make anyone drule....:drool: this is me.

    good luck to all of us on this insane but great diet xx sj xx

  8. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

    Weight watchers
    Hi hun, sorry you've had a tough afternoon thinking about food. I get a bit like that sometimes, i know its not hunger if I'm on SS but the first time it happen I thought I was going crazy! All i could think about was cereal with milk?? Most of the time i just get busy to take my mind of it but to be honest with you on more than one occasion I have eaten :(.Your doing so well, keep strong and it will pass :) p.s where your fab photo gone?? x
  9. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    aaaw hi Maz, Firstly sorry I didnt reply to your pm, not been on here that much and have to just grab 5 mins on the forum when I can.

    You have done brilliantly though hun, you look great, even though you may have eaten when maybe you shouldn't it doesn't seem to have made a difference to you, you've done fantastic.
    I have though about eating the odd bit of chicken but to be honest, I think that would be enough to send me off the rails:( so I have to stick to ss, until aam of course :D

    I've had a mess about with photos and got rid of my old avatar, it's saved so I may put it back on soon, just fancied a change really.

    How many days til your holiday now Maz?? xxx sj xxx
  10. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    SJ - can you believe you're over 2 stone down in just 6 weeks....

    Bet you never thought you'd manage that...? You're doing so well and you're so motivated - you and I and everyone on this forum knows that if anyone can do this it's you...

    Battle through today and tomorrow will be easier...

    Good Luck hun and well done on your WI result - you must be delighted..!

    H xx
  11. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

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    No problem, but I must admit to feeling like a real fraud! I really don't look like my pictures anymore but can't bear to post any pictures of "my failure". I have and am struggling on CD (again). Took a break and put back on 3 stone in a very short space of time. Had a moment a few weeks ago when I decided that I was really going to do this time and guess what - nuh huh! I believe that I'll get there some day, but at the moment it feels like so far away!

    Darn, sorry for moaning on your thread. Hope you're having a good evening!
  12. daisydaisy

    daisydaisy Full Member

    Hi, hope you don't mind me butting in! I too have been really struggling with 'hunger' (of some sort) over the last few days - strong cravings for hot, stodgy, savoury comfort food, which is odd because I'm a total sugaraholic - but sweet stuff just doesn't seem to bother me at all at the moment.

    I'm finding SS really, really hard and I'm only on day 13! I'm like you though - all or nothing - so going on 790 really isn't an option, and I daren't start picking or it will be the end for me. But as others have said, this IS a really hard diet to do at times so we mustn't beat ourselves up just for being human. It is natural to eat after all, so we're bound to miss it! But look how well you've done so far - surely no taste of food is worth compromising that for?

    Stay strong - and remember it's only food, it has no magic power over you! The cravings will pass - at least that's what I keep telling myself! xx
  13. itsnowornever

    itsnowornever Full Member

    cambridge diet
    hi sj if anyone can do this you can look at me i gave in and now can t back on i would say don t give in i wish i hadnt
  14. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    SJ = i have total faith in you honey, I know you will get through this particularly tough day.

    I have had the odd day when suddenly I feel hungry too. They just seem to suddenly pop up for no reason at all! Perhaps its just our bodies way of saying "oi, i'm still here and i still want some PROPER food!"

    BUT, they only seem to last for a day and then you are back on your way. You can do this.

    I think aam week does make things tough afterwards. I had to go onto 790 afterwards so you are doing miles better than me.

    This is not an easy diet but just keep in the forefront of your mind that its the quickest route to a new skinny you! It really wont take that long and think of how you will feel at the end of your incredible journey.

    Lots of love to you sweetie xxx

    PS you look bloody gorgeous in your avatar - i am v jealous xx
  15. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    aaaaaw guys, I'm almost crying here. You are all so lovely :cry:

    WESTIEGIRL, I'm sorry that you gained hun, that must be difficult at times, I know what it's like to go from being really slim to being really fat (not saying you are really fat, I'm talking about me) ..You can do it again though, and I truely do hope that you get yourself motivated to succeed again. The thing I said to myself is this.."do I want to spend the rest of my life like THIS? or do I want to be slim again"?? and of course I want to be slim so cd is the route that I chose to get back to the old me. I think I knew that I would do it eventually so I thought why waste time, if I do it now I'll enjoy being slim for longer. No more hating what I saw in the mirror, wishing I could wear all the up to date fashion. I've gone past the stage of wearing young clothes as I'm 33, but classy and classy casual is the road I'll be taking when I get to goal. I'd love to get Trinny and Suzanna involved but there is NO WAY that I'd get my kit off on t.v. NO CHANCE, NOT WITH THE JELLY BELLY THAT I'M GONNA HAVE :eek:
    I'll just have to keep buying my clothes magazines and check out the manequins (manikins sp ?) in the shops. I used to be up with all the fashion trends....OMG, not any more :cry::D
    I wish you lots of luck westie, you can do this. check out the clothes for motivation thread, there is a link on the 1st page of my diary at the bottom.... go and find some nice piccies to post.

    HANNAH we can both do this...we started together and you gave me strength on day 2 when I needed it the most....together we'll reach goal :D

    Jo I really do hope that you get back to it hun, are you doing 790?? or do you mean you've had a blip?? We are part of the same gang, the daily gang and we are all here to help each other out, like you have helped me tonight. I know we can do this, and so do you, we have blips, we have tough days but we can BEAT THIS.

    daisydaisy deffo know where you are coming from there, stodgy savory is what I miss most, even though like you I have a REALLY BAD SWEET TOOTH, BIG TIME!! 790 is not the way to go for me either... goodness knows what I'll be like when I'm on it...deffo gonna work up the plans before my hols in 10 weeks time. Only going away for 5 days but there's no way I'll be soul sourcing, I have no intention on doing that...I hope to eat healthily though. We'll see what happens.


  16. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    AAAAW jodie, I must have took ages typing that coz your reply wasnt there when I started my reply. You are so sweet hun, this avatar was taken a few days ago when I felt good.... You have nothing to be jealous about darling, you're bladdy gorgeous yourself.
    You have done marvelous and if you're not wearing your size 12 suit just yet I'd put money on it that it won't be very long before you do. You must post a piccie of you wearing it when it's a perfect fit :D

    I'm really looking forward to the day that I reach goal,,,can't come quick enough really. and Jodie, you will be there is such a short space of time from now...omg, you are soooooo close, you must be soooo very proud of yourself.

    thanks for your lovely post hun. I've missed the daily thread, I only pop in now and again, I used to post about 20 times a day lol
    I hope to arrange my time better soon.
    I'm split between 3 forums at the mo, not all slimming sites though.

    I hope you have a pleasant evening jodiejojo xx sj xx thanks again darlin :hug99:
  17. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

    Weight watchers
    Hi, love the new photo! you look great!
    Well done for being so strong, you are fantastic! I agree, its best not to start nibbling, that was my mistake!
    I go away in 10 days!! Can't wait :) I'm so tired at the moment and have 2 mouth ulcers so just think its time for a break :(
    How are you feeling now?
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  19. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

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    Hi SJ, sorry you are going through such a tough time. I know it doesn't help but I just wanted to say that you have been my inspiration. You are unfailingly supportive to everyone and even when you yourself are finding it tough you still take time to offer kind words and encouragement to others. If anyone can do this you can, you have been so strong and I know if you can get through this - you will succeed. I am the same as you in terms of all or nothing and have also found it tough over the last few days but keep telling myself it is easier if I don't give in. Remember how far you have come and where you ultimately want to get to and get there you will.

    Thinking of you
  20. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

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    weight Watchers now but did LL/CD

    Just seen this thread... have been checking your diary.. lol for updates!!

    Hope ur doing ok!!

    Nas x
  21. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    sj just read this thread,and couldnt not post to you babes,
    so sorry you have been haveing a bad day today,and as others have said YOU are strong and YOU can do this i have every faith in you babes, love, :hug99: and lots of good positive :vibes::vibes:being sent your way babes xx
  22. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

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    Gastric BYpass
    Hi SJ. Sorry I didnt see this yesterday. Hope you are feeling less hungry today.

    Just wanted to say that I also get incredibly hungry days out of the blue. Ive had days where I thought I could eat my own arm with the hunger and I am up this morning at 4am as hunger has woken me up (cant have a pack yet tho as Ive got my WI this morning)

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do but stay strong and ride it out. Just try to keep distracted and have an early night if you get another hungry day. Do not eat whatever you do. Trust me, I couldnt stop picking after a planned 4 days away on 790 and it took me nearly 3 weeks to kick the habit.

    Your losses have been fab so far. Just keep in mind that its bound to be tough some days but if you want to get to your goal, you have got to stay on the right path.

    You are doing Great SJ. You are a real source of strength and motivation to so many on Mini's. Keep up the fabulous work.
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