This is the alternative thread for the good news.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I've lost another kilo.

Even though I've been on hols and only had one LT a day and had all manner of edibleness.

As you know, those who have been watching, I jumped back into the well on my return and subjected myself to the agony and the ecstacy that is ketosis.

It was hard, but come on girls, what a reward. It was smiles all round today at my weigh-in.

I took a treat in for the doc & nurses and was able to say with all honesty, "I had some of that and I still lost weight."

Marylyn xxx
And a "lovely" Christmas present - NOT!

If I reach my goal, they'll want to stick needles in me and other unpleasantness.

This is the agreement I have made and I must keep my word.

However, I'm a willing pin-cushion and knowing that I have been doing this study to help understand obesity and reaping the rewards of looking a feeling a new woman - it's not a problem.

I have ways of ways of compensating myself.

Retail therapy - and if I get to goal a really nice dress for Christmas in a size 12.
Realy pleased for you Marylyn, Picked up my lipotrim supply from the surgery today, so I am now truly with you !First day almost finished.
WELL DONE U, worth all the wobbles !
We can do it!

It seems I have been losing 2 - 3 pounds a week on Lipotrim.

That came as a lovely surprise today, because I wasn't really sure what the average was.

So if we can lose a kilo a week, that's only another 10 weeks or so. We can do that. The weeks will fly by - they always do in the countdown to Christmas.

Let's stick with it now - no going back.

Marylyn xxx