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Hi everyone, I'm getting back on the ssourcing wagon for literally the 30th time.
Ever since I took a break at christmas I haven't been able to get back on it for more than three days.
Before my break I had lost two stone in two months on ss then I ate and ate and ATE and now I put back on 10lbs, I'm a typical binge eater, I don't know why I do it to myself!!!:cry:
But now summers comingI need to be slim, I cannot have a depressing summer.

I think this writing on this forums gonna help me. Just out of interest does anyone know why it gets so hard to get back on ss?

START DATE:18/03/09
START WEIGHT: 11stone 10lb
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Hey There

I am exactly the same!! This is my last attenpt, started again today!!! I am here if ya need a buddy or a chat!!

I dotn know why it is more difficult but am sure someone can offer an explanation!!

Good luck, I am sure you can do it!

Le xx
I agree.. i came off in october after loosing 3stone on ss.. now i am really stuggling to stay on track.. i found it really easy last time, and really regret coming off for my 21st.
lol.. i just find its so much easier to justify eating to myself this time around.. end up having conversations of myself on the pro's and con's of eating a particular item.... probably seem slightly mental to the rest of my household thinking about it lol


Laugh, love, live!
It could be that your looking at this whole thing from the wrong angle. Perhaps your mind sees SS as deprivation, going without, hard work, all negatives which are real in your mind. You need to retrain your mind to see SS as a positive step to your ultimate goal. Set yourself little goals that are realistically achievable, that way you can continually pat yourself on the back for achieving, reinforcing the positive. Tell yourself everyday, you are worth the effort because you are special (and you are)...................watch them lbs disappear cos you know you can do it xx
I'm in the same (kinda) boat, except i have been on every diet except CDSS, lost 3 stone on Slim Fast and put it all back on by being a bit silly, now I'm back to square 1 and maybe a little bigger:( I have decided that this is my LAST attempt at dieting, so I'm gonna give it all or nothing! My positive thoughts are that summer time is approaching fast and how nice would it be to be out ENJOYING the sunshine in shorths and tshirts-not hiding away indoors because it's way too hot outside and i'm way to fat to be wearing shorts!! That has pretty much been most of my summers:( It can cause some major arguments with my partner who is quite and 'outdoors' person!
You can do it femme! We are all here for support lovely:) xxxx
I'm so determined this time and I think I am going to set myself little motivational goals.SC I know exactly what u mean about weighing up the pros and cons of eating! That is me! Everyone is so supportive on here I am sure we are all going to reach our goal!

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