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This little piggy .......bank

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Off Topic' started by harassed_mother, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    So i thought i would share with you what I am doing each week as inspiration to keep going, as part of my jokey secret santa at work i got a piggy bank that you colour in. Not sure if they were trying to say i was a pig :) but hey ho the joke will be on them.
    I started 2nd jan so that night i sat there and coloured it in and on the side i wrote £1 for 1lb and for each lb i lose i put £1 in there, so far i have 14lb in there but it means that when im slinky i will have a little bit of money to splash out on some new clothes. So here is a picture of my piggy

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  3. soon2bslimxx

    soon2bslimxx Full Member

    I like this :)
  4. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    It is a really good idea. I figure out that I would be spending quite a bit per day on coffee, lunch, wine, meals out and takeaways and this diet works out much cheaper for me. So for every day on plan I put £5 in a tin and then treat myself every 5kgs. So far I have bought ridiculously expensive moisturiser, a gorgeous throw for my freezing ketosis feet, and a lovely bargain coat from eBay. The first time I did it I saved it all till I got to goal and I had £700 - I had a lot of fun spending that!

    I know it's not possible for everyone but it's a great thing to do if you can and it's money you'd be spending otherwise.
  5. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    Thats a great idea, I want one!! Going to google it! X
  6. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    This was from wilkinsons u paint it yourself its about £4
  7. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    Got one today, thanks!!!
  8. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    Post a pic when u done it x
  9. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    Will do, don't know how artistic it will be lol
  10. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    Haha doesnt have to be as long as it serves its purpose :)
  11. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    I got one, its going to be my project when i get antsy in the evenings this week!! X

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