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ProPoints This might seem silly...

I weighed myself at 9.20am the first day of my diet after my morning wee :eek: and before eating or drinking anything, the 2nd day of my diet i did the same and i had lost half a pound lol i know not worth getting excited about but after sticking to my diet iv just weighed myself and apparently iv gain 1pound would this be cause im weighing myself at a differnt time of day and only a few hours after eating?? :confused:
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You need a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound in weight (food reduction, exercise or both!) so it's probably just fluctuation from water/food intake - think that's why you're only meant to hae one weigh in per week :)


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put the scales in a cupboard and forget about them!

track everything you eat and drink and get weighed once a week and don't let the scales rule your life :)

have faith in the plan, it really does work x


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I agree with Smirnoff, get rid of them or at least put them away and weigh your self once a week. Ive just gave the battery of mine to oh to keep til morning of my next weigh in, they can be so addictive!
Thank you everyone, will defently put them away. I will let you all know on monday morning if iv lost and i promise to stay off them until then :) thanks again xx


Overweight or undertall?!
good luck for monday and keep us informed :)

have a good weekend xx


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Its defo that you are weighing yourswelf at diff times, i was doing the same, cant stay away from the scales :) and it different every time....
I'm new to this started bac ww last mon first weigh in tomorrow mon 23.5.11 I've been doing the same on and off the scales can't seem to help myself so hopefully this site will help me on my journey fingers crossed all help welcome with open arms ha gl all x x


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I weigh myself every day too - but always first thing in the morning. It's great if the scales go down, but not so good if they stay the same ( or heaven forbid, go up). I may have to get my OH to hide the battery. He can put it with the mini chocolate brownies and the other stuff I like too much to have in the kitchen without eating the lot.

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Its a once a week weigh in for me at home as well. Always put the scales in the same place when I do it as well (I have a tiled kitchen floor so I put it on the same square every time)! I always weigh myself first thing after my morning loo visit (well every little helps as they say) and in the buff!! The cats just sit staring at me!! :)
I have a tiled bathroom. The scales go in the same spit each time. Toes line up with the display. don't want to leave anything to chance!