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This time is IT - My Diary

Hi, my name is Debbie, i'm 44, married with 2 teenage children. I have yo yo dieted since I was about 20, have lost 3 or 4 stone each time and then put it all, and more, back on.

I've done CD, SW and WW in the past, together with Rosemary Conley, South Beach.

I gave up dieting about 6 years ago, after serious illness. Since then my weight has crept up to about 17.5 stone (how I hate to admit that!). My DH has been nagging me for about to year to lose weight, for my health, but I just haven't been able to summon the willpower.

This past 6 months I haven't been feeling well at all, I'm full of aches and pains, constantly tired, my feet are very painful, and I know if I mention any of it to my doctor, she'll blame my weight before looking at anything else. My BP is also out of control. So ... excuse me rambling on ... last month I asked my doctor for help in losing weight, and she has prescribed the little blue pills. Tomorrow is my first weigh in, after one month, I have no idea how much I have lost, so may be tears, may be smiles!

This looks like a wonderful site, full of invaluable information, so I'm looking forward to being a member.
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Welcome debbie xxx you're gonna love it here. The ppl on this site are better than any gp. The support is amazing. Good luck on ur weightloss journey and there will always be someone here when u need them xxx
Hi, Debbie, welcome and really well done on that loss, that's really good you must have been working hard. We are a similar age and have a similar story but rest assured we CAN do this and we WILL. Good luck and keep posting.

Thank you for the welcome Kitty.

I was going to binge a little last night, after my weigh in, because I have another whole month til my next one, but tbh, I didn't really fancy it. I did kick myself this morning though, because there was a white chocolate magnum in the freezer which I could have happily eaten last night, and not worried, but although I want it now, I'm not going to.

Been very good so far today, took my dad out shopping, and he offered to buy me fish and chips for lunch, which I thanked him for, but refused (how good am I!!!). Also, next door to the chippie was a new shop just opened, an old fashioned sweetie shop! I went in with my DD to buy her dad a father's day pressie, and didn't even feel tempted (well, not much until I saw the sugar mice, but I was good).

Today so far:

coffee: 2
low cal squash: 2 glass

b. Special K and skimmed milk
l. left over spaghetti with Jamie Oliver sauce
d. small chicken breast, couple tbs ASDA stickyBBQ marinade, 2/3 pack cous cous, 1 mullerlite yoggy
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Mmmmmm, I :heartpump: white chololate Magnums!

Well done on the willpower though, I'm not sure I could resist a fish and chip dinner either, especially if I could smell it...:eek:

Anyway, welcome to Minis Debbie, and well done on your first month's weight loss - you're off to a great start! As KB says, keep posting - this forum is the best source of support you will find :D

A x
coffee: 3

brunch: tomato gravy, bacon, 3 sl bread
dinner: tandoori chicken, baked new pots, salad

handful grapes

This ended up a really picky day, DH and DS weren't back from racing til about 11, so I didn't do our dinner until then, so of course, I was starving waiting for them! Didn't go berserk, but wasn't particularly good either.
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Hi Debbie, the Wii Fit Plus game tells you how many calories you've burned, but the original Wii Fit game doesn't.

It's worth upgrading if you can find it cheaply enough (I think mine was about £15, but that was a few months ago). It has a few more exercises and games on there to try out as well.

B. special K
L. 4 x weightwatchers bread, 1 lf cheese triangle, ham, salad (sarnies) 1 mullerlite yoggy
D. Indian takeaway - but I was pretty restrained. Boiled rice, 1/2 portion of chicken tikka, and a couple of tbs curry sauce. Oh, and 2 onion bhajees (forgot about those!).

And somehow 2 fishfingers fell into my mouth as well during the course of the evening.

coffee: 3
squash: 3

b. 2 sl. toast, with lf cheese spread and ham
l. 4 crackerbread with lcal jam
d. Welsh curry and rice

s. 2 little meringue (what an odd word to spell!) and 10 cal jelly (yum)

I'm noticing a distinct lack of greens/five a day in my diet lately, must look at that.

I'm off for a meal at an Indian restaurant on Sunday night, so I'm going to try and be extra especially good tomorrow and Sunday day to try and make up for it. I will try to choose the most sensible options at the meal, bit difficult really with Indians though!

coffee: 3
squash: 3

b. fruit & fibre
second breakfast: tomato gravy and 2 sl bread
d. chicken, new pots roasted, salad

snack: 2 mini meringues

I had promised DD that I would make her tomato gravy for breakfast today, but I was up way before her, and automatically made my bowl of cereal, forgetting I was having breakfast with her later. I didn't have lunch to make up for it.

Felt quite peckish for chocolate today. Went shopping earlier, and the woman in front of me had a large mint chocolate aero - the willpower I had to gather was phenominal!

Still managed to have 100% day today, so on track for my meal out tomorrow.
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