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This time..............


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Just like what your signature says - take it one day at a time.
Focus on now, go for a lie down or something to take your mind off it :) xxxxxxxxxxx
I need to get off my fat behind and make my final shake.......again thought of it is knocking me ill just like yesterday!
I know it gets easier i do.......just a lil hard for now! :)


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You poor thing, have you tried leaving your first shake until about mid-day, I've found that if I have a shake at about mid-day then space the next 2 out i'm not feeling as hungry and not getting a fuzzy head. Or have you tried splitting the shakes ( I did this last year) open a packet take out 3 teaspoons and mix in the normal way, just a bit less water. Try experimenting until you find what's ok for you. And taking it one day at a time is brill advice, that's exactly what I'm doing. xx


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Why not have a nice bubble bath hun. I feel for you really I do. Just a couple more days and ketosis will kick in and you Will feel so much better. :D
Its only WHEN i finish work i get like this.......my smell sense is HIGH HIGH HIGH as when i get off this bus i can smell peoples teas lol!
I have my first shake at 10, next at 1 and then at 6ish (like now) and although thinking bout the shake knocks me sick for some reason when im sipping it the sweetness takes the edge off!
Ill see how i do throughout the night if it continues im going to bed haha x


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YOur doing really well. Keep going, like the others have said find something to occupy yourself. I have been mixing half a sachet into my black coffee, choc or vanilla and find its easier to drink. Or mix into a peppermint tea. I do this with 2 of my shakes, ahving them half at a time. See how you get on but your doing great so dont give in.



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I get this too! Usually around 5pm. But it does get better. Roll on keytosis!


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Try having a shake around 1030, one @ about 3ish and then about 7/8pm. Or just make up half a packet early morning if you are hungry then. I often halve my portions and end up with 6 a day xx


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Clare, you're doing fab hunni, just believe in yourself that you can do it and you will, I know you'll feel like you cant, but believe me, you really can xxxxx
Keep with it sweetie, space your shakes a bit more or half them,

I have mine at 9am/2pm/8pm just used to it now.

Stick with it, it gets better ;)
Im on day one today, we CAN do this!! Come on, we started this for a reason, a really important reason, hope your feeling ok today.

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