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thortons chocolates


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my lovely lovely hubby bought me some thortons chocolate yesterday, he knows i am trying to lose weight but he just sabatoges its,. i know he means well but i really wish he would understand how i feel. i told him many times how much i want to do it but he doesnt seem to listen. its as if he doesnt want me to lose the weight
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Hi there
Do you have any birthdays coming up? If so -then why not "pass them on" and treat yourself to something nice (and not fattening) with what you would have paid for their gift -problem sold ;) -plus if you tell hubby that is what you plan on doing he may get the message that you don't wnat choccy
oooohh and PS -nice to see another Nottinghamshire lass on here.. thats where Im from lol


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I am sure he was just being romantic, an thought u deserved a treat!!

Try not to get disheartened! If he continues just talk to him! :)

Keep smiling! :)


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Its really hard when someone at home isn't on board to give you the support that you need. I seems that you've already tried talking to him, about why you want to lose weight and how important it is to you? Often those that are close to us fear change as it makes them look deeper at themselves.
You could syn the chocolates and eat them over a number of days / weeks as a treat?
I think in this case though if you feel sabotaged my stubborn side would kick in and I'd thank him for the chocolates but explain that I wouldn't be eating them as they're not what I need right now. I would bring them to work and leave them out for everyone else to eat so they're not wasted but not tempting me either! If this not an option then give to a gratefully neighbour / friend etc!
Good luck in getting him on side!


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I too got some thorntons choccies and am just wondering what the syns would be for each cause I have just eaten 2 lol but wont have anymore and as cherry pie suggested i might eat them over a 7 day period lol - they were yummy tho :p


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Its awful when you think someone at home isn't really on board... to be fair, he could have bought you flowers... he really shouldn't have bought you chocolates... seeing as he knows you are on a diet, it's not very helpful. And actually a teeny bit thoughtless.

My OH bought me flowers and a bottle of lovely sparkly pink champagne... (i didn't drink it last night tho - I wouldn't have got up this morning!). And a lovely romantic CD... so there are lots of other things he could have bought.

I would definitely recycle the chocs. Save yourself a bit of money buying a prezzie (unless of course the box is covered in love hearts...!).

Or take them into work... i'm sure work colleagues would love them.

Or maybe give them to a neighbour? A friend? Member of your family??

Don't eat them tho. Be strong!!!



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I bought myself some Thorntons chocs and am just having one every now and again as a little treat. If you syn them there's no need to be upset or hurt your losses. That's the good thing about SW you can have anything you like in moderation.

I keep mine high up on the kitchen cupboards so don't see them!

Like others have said if you don't want them re-gift them but men like to give choccies so don't be too down! Xx


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I would eat one a day! Since starting SW there hasn't been one day where I haven't eaten chocolate of some sort ;)


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I got thorntons at xmas, I still have some left! LOL! Mine are syned at 3 each and I tend to have one when I want something REALLY yum and then I nibble and suck and make each one last! :) You could do that, even freeze the others so you only eat the defrosted one! :)


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I dont think I could do 'one a day'! I'd give them away quickly!!


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Men just do not get it sometimes. And a lot of men have trouble buying presents and fall back on chocolate and flowers, poor things.

How about you put them in the freezer? Work out the syns per chocolate and take them out of the freezer just a couple at a time and eat them as part of your plan. Ok it's not foolproof, you could sacrifice your teeth and scarf the whole lot frozen. But if you put them in the freezer they'll be out of sight and won't sing to you quite as loud or as often, and you'll have to either break your teeth or wait for them to defrost if you want to eat them. ;-)


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a customer at the shop i work in left a card and some chocolate for me was gonna take it home and give it to hubby lol but decided if i did that id probably eat it so gave it to my boss instead :D