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Those Chocolate Bars!


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Hi All,

Am I the only one or do you find it hard to resist the CD chocolate bars? I bought 7 yesterday to get me through the week and ate 2 yesterday and 2 today. I know that we're only supposed to eat 1 a day, but not too sure of the reason why?

I have a real sweet tooth, which is why I am the weight that I am, so maybe not a good idea to buy the bars again.

I did read that I would have stomach craps, however this didn't happen yesterday, which is why I ate the second one today.

I was doing sooooo well with CD until those bars entered my house, now I feel like I've spoilt it all.

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The only reason why you arnt supposed to eat more than 1 a day is because they could make you hungrier, and grave food.


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i think the bars has more carbs than packs.. so you arent supposed to have more than one as it can knock you out of ketosis.. and make you feel a bit poorly..

x x x


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i will never again eat two bars in one day.. i was soooo ill.. Proper proper yummy pains.. i couldnt even sleep.. oooh.. it was bad..

x x
I know this sounds impossible, but try eating just half a bar and keeping half in the fridge for later.

I have managed to do this twice in my 7-8 weeks on CD ;)


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I think its 1 a day because the bars have higher calories and carbs,
Most og the time I dont care that I have bars in the cupboard. A couple of times I've really wanted something and have had an extra half chopped up into tiny pieces. I once had a full extra bar but it gives you terrible wind.
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Hey hun....

I did find the bars nice but i found that they bloated not just my tummy but also my face and the peanut and cranberry are the only ones that didnt- however i do still have the problem of not being able to resist them so...as extreme as it sounds i get my mum to hide them and ask her to give me my one a day in two bits...its the only way i dont obsess about eating them and dont do it!

May sound odd but works for me xxxx
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I must be the only CDer who isn't keen on the bars despite having a notorious sweet tooth :confused:
I'm back on just shakes cos i was struggling to eat a whole bar. Hope they bring out CD cheesecake soon ;)


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I agree with the person above; I don't really like them either. I have them only when I'm on the go and can't pack my blender :)

the chocolate ones for example, the first bite is lovely! then it all goes sort of down hill from there lol.

...and yes... i have experienced the 'terrible wind' also!!
I absolutely love them but only chocolate and chocolate-orange. I had 2 once but never gave me any trouble, I'm not too bad for wind with them either which is just as well because the bars, the vanilla shakes and 3 of the soups is the only thing I can take. All the other shakes make me fell sick since my tummy problem a few days ago...

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Have you tried making them into biscuits or would this make you crave food?!? i love the malt toffee one made into maltesers............cut into small cubes and then stick in the microwave for 40 ish seconds.......watch them tho as the can burn quick (i actually like them slightly burnt! WEIRD!!) but they are yummy! im doing a full week SSing so im not having any bars or flavouring for the week...i do have 7 bars in my cupboard tho but im resisting temptation! at the moment!!

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