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Thought I was doing Ok ? HELP !!!


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Hi guys

I have Been doing really well the last couple of weeks. I get weighed on a Tuesday and this week I had a sneaky Friday weigh and the scales show a 2 1/2 gain!!!!!!!!!

I am gutted I have stuck to plan 100% please see my food diary is there anything I have done wrong?

Please help......

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Time and again we see threads like this. Try searching for sneaky peak and you'll see how many. Your weight varies from day to day and over the course of a day by as much as half a stone. So what the scales say now bears no relation to what they will say on Tuesday. If you don't normally weigh in at home then you also have the problem that no two sets of scales will weigh you in at the same amount because they are all calibrated differently.

The moral is weigh in once a week, on the same scales, in the same place, at the same time of day, and in similar clothing.
I find that my weight changes all the time, even when I'm sticking to the plan, even right up to the day before WI it can appear that I've put weight on, but when I go to WI I have lost.
I find now that I really try my best not to WI at all till WI day and at the normal time as sometimes it has sent me right off the rails thinking all my hard work was in vain,I've then eaten everything in sight, cos I've felt so fed up when really everything probobly would have been ok if ony I'd waited.
Please don't give up, stick with it and try not to have a sneaky look at the scales again till WI day, and I'm sure you'll be ok.
I am guilty of this and sneak a look on a Sunday at my Mums house before weigh in on Tuesday.

I know I shouldn't but I do - My name is Jo and I am a sneaky peeker! However, I weigh myself every time I go to the loo at my mums and it varies so much as your weight does during the day, it just makes me laugh!
I too am a serial weigher, although I have got a bit bored of it over the last few weeks and not done it quite so much.

Things that can cause temporary gain ARE - being due on, not having been to the toilet for a 2 for a couple of days (something that a lot of us SW people experience with some irregularity!), having weighed at different times of day, fe, if you go to a morning class, and you weigh at home on a different day in the evening having eaten all day, you probably would look like you had gained, weighing on different sets of scales, weighing in different clothes.

None of the above mean you have done anything wrong, just that natural fluctuations have occured that would show a gain. Which is why any time a thread like this occurs, the responses are the same, we know these things because we have lived them ourselves.

If you cant help yourself but weigh in the meantime, allow yourself some leeway for all of the above when guesstimating how much you weigh, and dont give yourself a hard time when it doesnt say what you expect!

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