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Thought of another shake has me gagging, whats happened?


Back again - hey ho!
Hi guys, I'm on day, erm, *counting fingers* 12, yes 12... and have been doing ok till now.
Lovin the shakes, all flavours, even soup!!... but last night, after the chocolate one, my tummy felt really queezy. I just continued with sparkling water after and felt ok in about an hour... But this morning, I had my usual half vanilla with half a spoon of coffee, and even the smell of it made me want to retch. ( I usually savour my morning drinks) I managed to get 3/4's of it down, slowly, but any more and it would have been huwey spuwey time. :jelous: I'm ok again now, and having lots of water to settle my tum, but the thought, or smell of a shake today is sending me into panic :(
What shall I do?
Toni xxx
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Try the flapjacks? I know most people hate them, but I find them OK with a large cup of black tea. You can substitute 2 a day for the drinks. Also I drink the shakes ice-cold, I put ice-cubes in the shaker, dunno if that would help. I'm on day 12 too:)

(had mid-week weigh in yesterday and lost another 4lb! yippee!)
Sorry to hear that toni are you the same with the soups? Are you just drinking fizzy water?
Hope ya better soon;) X


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You could be just having a bad day... I had that after the soups and never had them again and was fine after a day or 2, maybe stay away from the chochlate ones now as you may associate them with feeling sick, just take it one meal at a time. Goodluck hun xx


Back again - hey ho!
Hadn't thought of trying the flapjacks, might give it a go.
I'm drinking flat, fizzy and peppermint tea through the day, and an odd cup of decaf coffee.
It's only been last night and today feeling iffy, so haven't tried the soup yet, Gary, that might be a bit better. I'll have to see how I go with the next half a packet I have, I might have half a soup instead of trying to finish the half vanilla from this morning....


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Hi Toni,
You might well just have picked up a bug or something,it might not be related to Lt at all.Take it easy and rest and see how you are later on and tomorrow and if you are still feeling sick on Monday,wouldnt do a bit harm seeing your GP x


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Ho w about going onto bars , they say one a day but if you can't take the shakes no more then why not ?


Back again - hey ho!
Might try them yes, I like the thought of replacing the lunchtime shake, will give it a go. x


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Are you sure you just dont have a bug???


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there is so many bugs around now , i've had two different ones , one lasted 2 days the other 6 days me and my sister both had the same but never got it from eachother so its really going about , one min you feel like eating next you don't and cramping sometimes and just goes on like that . do you have any bars ?


Back again - hey ho!
I dont think I have a bug, I feel otherwise fine! Its the smell sight and thought of the shakes that starts me off churning.
I dont have any bars no, but can get some on monday. I'm just going to try half a chicken soup in a minute, and see how I go with that. I know its a strict no no not having the full 3 sachets, but since the half a vanilla and coffee this morning, I haven't been able to entertain the idea of another one:jelous:


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Sounds like mind of body is needed.......best of luck hun!
Hope you feel better soon. I was thinking of trying the bars - even though some people liken them eating a telephone directory :-(. Thing is nobody at work knows I am on LT so it would be an easy lunch to much on without too many questions being asked. Let us know how you find them and take care. Julia x
I too struggle with the smell, it makes me gag everytime. I have now solved the problem by putting cotton wool up my nose whilst I make and drink the shake. Its a bit extreme but its the only way I can get the shakes down. I think I would have quit before now if a didn't do this.
Now there's commitment:worthy:


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hope you feel better soon toni xxx
thats a bummer isnt it re the shakes ... it may pass if its not a bug... i have the soups i really like them and make me feel like i am having a meal! also use the flap jacks to,they are ok if you eat them in little pieces slowlly dont try to take big bits off them like you would a biscuit, i use them for work they are ideal .. i have half in a mornin with half vanilla + coffe and the other half at dinner with a brew.. they are not bad once you get used to them... i prefer the shakes hot .. occasioally have strawberry .. but its my least favourite ... i reckon its probably just a blip and you will be fine in a day or so .. just take it easy eh.. hope you are feelin better soon .... sharon x


Back again - hey ho!
Thanks for all your advice guys, I'm actually coming round to the idea that it might be a bug, my tummy has been on and off dicky all day, and have been sick, (sorry if too much info!)
I did manage all my one for tea, strawberry slush puppy, ate with a spoon, and although I went back to it a few times I've kept it down :)
Thanks again xxxxx
Glad youre getting better hun xx

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