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It was my birthday yesterday and I turned 34. If I'm honest I'm not dealing too well with ageing. It doesn't help when dear ma tells me to think seriously about my biological clock...

Anyhoot, go to school and somehow my tutor group (yr 11 - 15/16 year olds) have discovered it is the day of my birth and present me with gifts.

1) Playboy bunny fluffy slippers
2) Playboy bunny t-shirt
3) Playboy bunny wallet and accessories
4) HAIRDYE!!!!!! Little fekkers....

I was so overcome at the generosity I almost wept especially since dh hadn't bothered....
I then worried about the cost - you shouldn't have spent your hard earned cash so close to Christmas etc etc says me.
' No worries miss, you've earned it as we are so awful.' (True - they are.)

Today I get a few very alarmed parents calling me.
'Hi Miss, it's xxxxxxx mother - did you get your gift?'
'Oh yes !!!!! I exclaim. So generous of them etcetc.'

'Right, I'll get straight to the point' says one boy's mother -
'Did they get you the playboy g-string?? Because if they did I'll kill them. I told them that a woman of your age has better things to do than wear that ......' on she continued for another 5 mins.

'Miss, are you still there????'
'Yes, I reply shaking with laughter. I told her I thought she'd rung me to tell me the gifts had been lifted (as in shop-lifted).

'Oh no' she said, 'we've already had words about that, its just that the lads said you'd lost sooo much weight but were too embarassed to tell you!!!!!!!'

Mother of god - who would do this job????? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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lol Gm, your story made me chuckle (my daughter 15, is asking , 'mum what you laughing at!)

How sweet of them to spend their money on you, they obviously like you as they wouldnt of spent their money otherwise - and fantastic that they have noticed your weightloss but didnt like to say!

good to see they are honest in the fact they can be awful!!

Go Miss!!

keep on shaking, you're doing great :D
Awww - how sweet!!

I PMSL at the hair-dye!!! :D :D :D
:D :D Hair dye I would have objected to.

I was a bit shocked to get a packet of condoms

Flavoured ones at that! And with me trying to control my diet!!:eek:;)
Mel I love it. It wasn't the same when I taught 4 year olds all i got was chocolates nothing as exciting as your presents and Karion's condoms
Irene xx