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Thoughts on flavours-starting soon!

Hello Everyone

I have never tried Exante before so before i buy online I would just like to know how the flavours differ to CD (as ive been on this in the past)- could anyone enlighten me- and also what the bars and water flavourings are like please. I have about 11-12 stone I want to lose by this time next year hopefully. I have a bet on with my Fiance that If I lose 6 stone by may 2012-he will pay for us to go on a very nice holiday next year (hopefully when im slimmer! :p)

Any thoughts are welcome!
Thank you! :)
Kelly xx
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hi I have done CD and now exante . The exante shakes are much less sweet , as they dont contain the amount of artificial sweeteners that CD ones do , so they are more subtle and some people think they are a little bland to start with ( although your tastes change a lot in the first few weeks ) BUT they are much thicker and creamier than the CD ones and much more filling , which was a problem I found with CD .... I find i am much more satisfied after a exante shake :D

The bars are bigger than the CD ones and more like flap jack / rice creispie cake type bar than the CD ones which are chocolaty .. I love the exante ones , some people dont , but you can also use tesco super slim , biggest looser meal reaplacement bars or asda measure up ones as they contain very similar nutritional values :)

I am using CD water flavourings as the exante ones are much higher in carbs , you can also have coke zero or Dr pepper zero , i tend to have 2 cans in the evening as a 'treat' :D

Good luck , you can get all that weight off in 10-11 months if you stick to it :D
oooh wow thank you for your reply. I am very happy about the whole coke zero thing- i love them :) your losses seem very good. I cannot wait to be like that! Thanks again. :) xx


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I like all the shakes, they are thick and creamy and I like that they're not really sweet and false tasting. I enjoy them all. I have all of mine hot now and I use 500mls of water to make them up :)
I love all the shakes and the 2 bars. I havent tried the soups tho x


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Only been on Exante for a week.....but I like all the shakes....the soups are nice with the exception of Tomato....but that is just my opionion, others love the tomato and had the thai chicken, but thai chicken is my fave!....the bars however are not nice IMHO.....I prefer the Tesco bars instead, will be disposing of my Exante bars soon! But other folks like them!

So it all really comes down to personal taste.....

I wish they would make a butterscotch shake!


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The tomato soup is vile, the rest are alright. The choc shake is disgusting as a shake, but i now make it into cakey/cookie and that is nice.


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Favourite VANILLA, least favourite strawberry - soups all ok, bars - not that keen.
But most of all I LOVE the effects.


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For the tomato soup haters add a tsp bullion and bob's ur teapot!

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The tomato soup is vile, the rest are alright. The choc shake is disgusting as a shake, but i now make it into cakey/cookie and that is nice.
Hi Alison
I also dislike the choc shake. How do you make it into a cake/cookie?
I've also tried to make it with hot water, just as disgusting & lumpy - or did I do it wrong? As I'm getting replacements (choc) for a faulty batch, I will have 2 weeks worth of choc shakes, so I'm keen for ideas!
Hi Pooh
I mix it with a bit of water, bout the consistancy of cake mix, then put it in 3 blobs on one of those non stick baking sheets and spread them to about the size of a digestive biscuit, then bake for 30 mins on gas mark 4, leave to go cold in the oven, then peel off of the sheet.

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