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Thoughts on life, love and the universe. And shoes.

Hey gang,

Well I know I've not been about as much as I was (work has been insaaaaane!)

Well for all of you who read my post about the guy at work- PAH! He's back with his girlf although he reckons he loves me. HOW pathetic!!?? You were all so right. I just feel so positive on LT tho- in the past this would have sent me into a spiral of self-hatred...I'd have been saying 'if I was just a bit thinner someone would love me' but I've got a totally different perspective now.

I feel strong, confident and empowered. A spineless man isn't good enough for ME!! I said to him...'In ancient greece, in the first olympics they only gave a medal to the winner. There was no second or third place. Second place isn't good enough for me. I'm ancient greek through and through'. His FACE?!?!?! AMAZING!

It was one of the rare times I say something soooo cool (rather than thinking of it hours later!) and it felt AMAZING!!!!!!!! He sent a grovelling message saying I was 'intelligent, fun, witty, loving and gorgeous'. I just said 'I know.'

Feel on top of the world!!

Soooo today I had some retail therapy- bought a coat in a size 16!!! :eek: (still a little snug fastening but looks pretty darned nice!!) and another £300 worth of gorgeous bits and pieces including some stunning shoes!

I feel like ME. And that's someone I've missed for a lot of years!

Soooo....if anyone's feeling like 'Oh it's Saturday night... I just want a pizza and a bit glass of wine'... DON'T!!! Nothing on earth feels as good as making the strong (admittedly hard) choice of sticking at LT. The results are incredible- but it's what it does for your self-esteem which is the revelation. I never believed I was strong enough. But I am. I will get there. And I'll get there wearing gorgeous, crimson red high heels! (I'm in love with them!!)

Love you all- you're all doing brilliantly!!

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good for you Luce!nice comeback at the loser too x

bet you look fab in all ya got.
well done for getting a size 16 coat hun.thrilling x

you clearly got a thing for shoes going on lol.
i collect bags.have a nice collection of Radleys and would happily spend all my dosh on them(unfortunately my kids need feeding lol).

you'll find yourself a nice fella hun when you're truly happy with yourself and he'll know how lucky he is to have you and put you first all the time x
good on ya hun, great attitude.

i need retail therapy!!

keep it up sweetie, ur doing great

x x
I cant wait to sell all my stuff on ebay get some money for some new clothes, cant beat retail therapy! I've been so baddd buying make up lately so bad I could open my own mac store
Aww Luce, that was a really inspiring post, well done you!!! really pleased you told that guy what for, he deserved it, what a creep!!! and its fab that you got your confidence! x
me too on the retail therapy!!! shoes and jewelery are particularly bright and colourful at the moment - i'm finding me again, and not being afraid to flaunt a little flesh and a few bright colours, and its awesome!!! GO YOU i LOVE the Greek comment, hehehe thats priceless!!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on enjoying the shopping trip. Good for you not letting that fool at work annoy you. Best of luck to his girlfriend!!
Oh my god i screamed laughing wen you said you wrote back "I know" i like love you now. You are so amazing and that guy is a hand gesture haha! hope you get dat! You are gorgeous and shud feel so brilliant. Excellent that you went shopping instead of eating.

And im glad u found out so fast that he's useless. So not worth it coz like we said wen you first posted about him YOU ARE WORTH 10ZILLION MORE THAN HIM! an you know it now and damn you should be dancing and singing about coz you have passed a huge hurdle.
thanks guys!! I bloody love you lot!

Ah, sorry to hear he turned out to be an idiot, I was dubious anyway ;-) I love it when you actually get that line in at the time instead of come up with it afterwards. Go you! Sounds like you definitely let him know what a fool he is! You'll find someone much better!

& this coat sounds very exciting & it'll be far from snug in the very near future :)

I totally agree with you about the effects of this diet; it's so much more than just looking considerably slimmer! I've done so many things I should have done a long time ago since losing weight & no pizza could make me as happy as the buzz after showing a bit of respect for myself.

You're doing so well & your posts are always so inspirational :)



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Well done to you for being so strong babes. He sooooo does not deserve you, I would have been angry if you gave him even a second of your time. Mr Right is on his way, you just wait and see.

I also bought a nice coat and wore it today, I saw myself in the mirror and wowww I looked good.

i collect bags.have a nice collection of Radleys and would happily spend all my dosh on them(unfortunately my kids need feeding lol).
gotta love a radley bag! my boyfriend has a shop for luggage, handbags, leather goods and lighting and it is blummin full of radley stuff!! i have 2 radley bags, 2 radley purses, even a radley keyring and photo frame! you wanna come this way and visit hun!!


you are one of the most positive people i have ever come across! he sounds like a waste of space, which is always disappointing but my god did you handle it well!! i must have missed the first post about him, so i'm going hunting to find the whole story.

i want to know ALL the things you bought please!!! xxx


Otherwise known as Jools
Wow I love your response confirming what a georgeous person you are - I need to do something like that more often.

Well done you.

The retail therapy sounds brilliant too. :D


One last chance
YEH GIRL!!! That was awesome! lol it's about time all of us on this diet to gain a little confidence in ourselves and say what for!

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