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Thoughts on Milk Week

Hello all!
I'm in wk 13 and it's the imfamous Milk Week.
My LLC says that it's personal choice whether you want to do it, of course she recommends that you do, but says some people dont.
I was just wondering what the general concensus was on the subject. Personally I can't wait for a bloody milky cup of tea.
If you did do it, how was it for you?
And how much milk did you have a day?
And if you didn't, may I ask why?
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i did it.
i lost 2lb that week
it made me feel great and boosted me the next few weeks as i had been feeling like i was on a go slow and also had been feeling dizzy.
i had skimmed milk - whatever the recommended amount was, didn't like it in my shakes tho so just drank it.
daisy x


is loving CWP xx
I was the same. I lost 2lb aswell. I didn't have it in my shakes either I just drank it or had it in coffee. They do advise you not have do that though and to only to have it part of your shakes. The main reason being is that once you get into the habit of having it in tea/coffee again then you might not be able to get out of it and back on the plan properly.

I would definitley recommend it, especially if you have a lot of weight still to loose. This diet is very extreme and puts a lot of pressures on our bodies. Milk week is just to give it a bit of a break and help build your strength up a bit.

Some people may disagree but as you said it is a personal choice and to be kind to our bodies I think we should choose to do it.

Good luck x x
I choose not to do it as I am not a fan of milk anyway. My weight loss that week was 3lb.

Kat xx
I am still away off from Milk week - but already I am very undecided as to whether I will take part. I don't really drink a lot of milk and have drank my tea and coffee black for years. Although I suppose I could be persuaded by a skinny cappacino! (sorry for the food talk x)

Jo B

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I did it and lost 3.5lbs that week. I would recommend it as it definitely stops any dizzy spells. Later on when I was at about week 22-23 I did another mini milk week as I was getting really quite light headed and it worked.
I didn't put mine in my shakes and either drank it or did have it in my tea or a latte. Always made sure it was skimmed though
Personal choice

I didn't do it. I was on a roll (instead of outside one for a change - lol)
I didn't want to rock the boat. I'm glad because one lady in my group lost the plot after milk week and has struggled ever since.


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I didn't do it, even though yes I was dying for some milky tea, just thought it would be harder to get back on to the pure black coffee afterwards, and I had not felt any ill effects from abstinence so just left it.

Thank you for all your comments, they really helped.
I decided to do the milk week and really enjoyed it. I only half did it. I had a little skimmed in a tea in the morning, a coffee in the afternoon and the occasional tea in the evening.
I don't weigh in till tomorrow so, I wont know how well I did till then.
It's funny, I dreamt about a cup of tea with milk (couldn't bear it black so just drank coffee whilst on LL) and when I actually had one on RTM it was just vile! The smell was awful, like the milk was off, although it was freshly bought. I had to throw it away and couldn't drink it! I still drink my coffee black even now! Never thought I'd live to see that day!

I didn't do milk week either, as I didn't want to rock the boat, as I was losing really well. I have no great feelings one way or the other, but I can't think that it will be any great threat to your losses, unless you are like SB's friend and it triggers a binge!! ;-)


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There is a question in the FAQ on the LL site about milk week.
This is the page.

Although it says that we should do it because of the NICE guidlines, there is a quote:

However, metabolic experts such as Professor Iain Broom, consultant in Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine at Grampian University Hospitals NHS Trust, say there’s currently no evidence to argue for limiting the continuous use of a modern VLCD to 12 weeks.
I didn't do it last time as I was only about 4 weeks from RTM and decided I didn't want to slow things down, I think maybe if I had longer to go I would have done it.


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I used soya milk and lost 4 lbs. I had it in the shakes but with soya milk you have to have over twice the volume as normal milk as it is quite low calorie so I just had shakes that week. In all I think it really helped although I felt quite sick after the first milky shake as my stomach just wasn't expecting that much food.
I had it for three days and then discovered I'm actually lactose intollerent! Never knew until I did it and now I'm eating regularly again with no lactose in my diet I feel so much better. A great discovery!
I used soya milk - it was really nice in the Thai Chili soup -still lost a 3 lbs that week. I'm on maintenance now and can't stand milk in coffee any more - however instant coffee tastes pretty bad without it so I only drink real coffee now.

Mind you I've heard that men over 40 shouldn't use soya products because they contain oestrogen like substances that can reduce mental function...
I am on week 11 so will be on Milk Week very shortly.

I didn't know people could choose not to do it ~ I just thought it was part of the diet.

I don't drink caffeine at all...didn't before LL so have had no tea or coffee whilston the diet. I have the odd green tea which is decaff.

I don't like the thought of milk in my soups as I might not like them or, even worse, I might not like going back to them with just water. :p
I don't have shakes a lot...maybe 2 a week, so not really going to want any milk in them as they are too thick anyhow.

So, I guess my only option is to drink glasss of milk. I like milk, and would choose skimmed.

But am worried I might come out of Ketosis...does that happen?

I want to do the Milk week as I am only about halfway to my goal. I want to keep my body as well as is recommended.

I hope I don't suffer like SB's LL buddy as I have never lapsed once on LL ~ I have 100% stuck to this progamme and it is working. I would be gutted if milk set me back!
I am on week 13 on monday so have to make this decision soon!
I too don't have caffeine at the moment just peppermint tea (don't fancy with milk!) although I would probably like a latte - could we have a sweetener in it?
I think that is the only way I would have milk, may be an odd glass here or there.
I'll probably just play it by ear.

Milli x


Happily pro pointing!
Hi Milli
Yes you can have sweetener tablets.
I would go with how you feel, if you have some but can't manage the whole lot I wouldn't sweat it.
Lattes are lovely though, that's probably what I will do, with decaf coffee.
Thanks Ali
I have a coffee machine that grinds the beans at home so don't think I could go back to instant, the only problem is I tried coffee about 3 weeks into the program and had a really bad nights sleep so I am kind of nervous about drinking it again (I did have 3 cups though!!!). Maybe if I water it right down it will be OK. Let's hope cos I would like one next week.

Milli x
Thanks Ali
I have a coffee machine that grinds the beans at home so don't think I could go back to instant, the only problem is I tried coffee about 3 weeks into the program and had a really bad nights sleep so I am kind of nervous about drinking it again (I did have 3 cups though!!!). Maybe if I water it right down it will be OK. Let's hope cos I would like one next week.

Milli x
Kenco decaff is nice milli. xx :)
glad I found this.

clearly milk week causes some concern.
Not sure I will go for it.

feeling good and on a roll and not too long to go.

cheers gang

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