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Hi there!! Anyone about?

Well - three days to go till I have my first meal! :eek::D Cannot wait - I will tell you that! Salmon is the first meal. ANd its going to last hours! LOL

I am anxious to get to know those in here I don't know yet and look forward to catching up with you Tange - and Bex ad Kaalin will be along shortly.

Eager? Yes! Nervous? MMmmmmm...a little. Not that I will blow it - but will feel so strange, and have to start thinking more about my days and weeks, etc. It's suddenly here, and I feel a wee bit unprepared?

I defrosted my freezer today an threw out all the old stuff. Fridge is already empty! lol

Well - hope to see this get a bit lively - I will be seeking souls for answers and inspiration!!! :)

See you!
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Hi Tange

Well, I have just returned from the shops - after shopping for - food? Whats that again?

ANyway - yesterday, I cleared my freezer of old stuff, and stuff I won't be having again. And have it all defrosted nicely organised with all my fresh fish and poultry.

I have purchased a lot of fish, chicken, tofu and quorn - I have enough in my freezer for about 3 weeks - just on the protein side of things.

I figure then, all I will need to do in the shop is buy produce, etc., initially, avoiding the tempting aisles!! :D

It's lovely - I have salmon, swordfish, and mahi mahi (over the moon to see that in the UK!! Only ever had that in Hawaii and its gorge!) SOme turkey and chicken, and some nice quorn and tofu to play with.

I bought a bottle of Worcester sauce - and just had a whiff! Smelled so good it made my taste buds giggle!! :D

The diet cupboard that has serve me so well has been cleaned and tidied and I will be able to reclaim some of its space again which will be nice.

The social calander is mostly clear - going to see Mama Mia Thurswday with the ladies from group as a 'send-off' (not a goodbye - just a celebration) and then a party Saturday night - other then that - will be home on my own schedule.

Tange - or anyone for that matter, when you started to eat again, did you find that your hunger returned all at once? Or slowly, in proportion to our induction of foods? I am wondering what to do about lunchtime at work. For months now, I have my fisrt pack at home in the evening between 6-7pm. I can do that cause there's no hunger. But will I now find myself getting hungry duringthe day? What was it like for you?

Other then that - now feel full on and ready to get started!!!

Sadly - I will be home laone TUesday when I have my first meal - so there willbe noone to celebrate it with. BUt then, I can make all kinds of squely happy sounds without looking a fool!!! :D

How are you anyway miss? :D

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Hi BL,
In answer to your question about hunger, Mine came back slowly but well before others who were doing RtM at he same time. Be prepared for our old friend emotional hunger as the weeks progress. I know I've recommended it a lot but I really urge you to read Eating Less by Gillian Riley as she gives you such a good plan and outline for developing a healthy way of eating.
I started RtM in March and am maintaining really well. My only advice (apart from reading Gillian) is to follow the plan to the letter. Like you, I stuck to abstinence without fail and I decided that if that could work for abstinence, then it should also work for RtM! Also, whan I ate my first meal, I actually wanted to be alone. The anticipation and excitement on the faces of my family as I ate that first bite was really hard and in the end I took my meal and ate it alone in my bedroom. The first meal can be scary as the safety of abstinence is gone forever. I missed my shakes and my thought records and it took me about three weeks to enjoy food. It also took me a long time to want to eat in front of other people, with the result that some people still ask if I've started eating yet!
I can't wait to hear from you after your first meal and let me be the first person to welcome you back to the world of food - it really can be your friend and you really can be in control. It sounds unbelievable but it's true!
best wishes,
Hi Linze

Thank you :) I have Gillean Roth's book, only read the v=first few pages so far - but will pull it out and get into it. THanks for that reminder!!

I am so proud of you for maintaining - thats brilliant!!!And thinking about it I am actually glad I will be alone for my first meal.. I can imagine everyone staring at you would be off [email protected]!! :D

Looking forward to the changes ahead!! But I will be pciking everyones brains, no doubt about that!!! :)

In fact - do you know when they say PLAINquorn on week one - do they just mean not like the COttrage Pie and the Cheese stuffed bits, etc. I got some dippers and they are lime and chili seasoned - I know they probably need to wia till we can have lime juice - but wondered if those were OK? Or when they say plain - do they mean the very bare plain plai PLAIN quorn? Like the little naked filets? :D



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Hi BL,

The hunger thing is quite funny actually. I was not hungry for weeks and weeks but once the carbs come in it becomes tricky. But then you know the councelling thing kicks in I can now argue myself out of eating rubbish.
I have put on some weight over the last week, having friends here drinking too much alcohol and yes eating the wrong things. I do find though that 3 - 4 days after going back to eating normally the weight is back to where it was. Its great to know that I do not have to go into a flat panic if I put some on.

I would stick to fish for the first week and chicken or just plain quorn, keep it as simple as possible for the first week would be my advice. Enjoy eating its lovely every meal is like an adventure.
Hey ladies...well I'm here too. WE MADE IT!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Looking forward to tomorrow. A nice piece of fish for dinner tomorrow and I can hardly wait without meaning to sound like a Frosties advert, "it's gonna taste great" :)

Look forward to reading what you've had and how you are doing. Oh this is so exciting and such an adventure. I wonder how long before my dizzyness stops (well the physical dizzyness as opposed the mental dizzyness ;)) xxx
Hi ladies!

My first meal tomorrow is Salmon.....mmmmmmmmmmm....makes my taste buds giggle just thinking about it!! Then swordfish Weds, and Mahi-Mahi Thursday! 3 of my favourite fish!

The group seems nice, and we had a very nice informal chat, sharing stories, etc., and it was good! Got lots to read and plans to make! Can't wait for day three when we add some veg. Oh man, is that going to tast GOOD!!!!!

Yippy skippy, by golly ladies, we done did it!!! HOW FREKKIN COOL IS THAT!!!?????? :bliss:

Roll on roll on! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
She does indeed, amazing!! I always loved loved the way Porgeous had her 'befores' and 'afters'. I must get some up to date photos done as the ones on my profile is a stone and a half out of date so I am curious to know what I actually look like!!
Right I'm off to make my dinner and I'm so looking forward to it :D xx
OOoohhh ladies!! It's nearly Salmon time!!!! :D

I have had such a pleasant lovely day - every now and again the thought I was having salmon would enter my mind, and I would feel all giddy with excitement!! (Giddy to an American means silly, not ddizzy like it does here :D)

Its such a little thing that is making me so happy!!! heheheheheh

Can't wait! Will be back later with a report!

Ooooh! Kaalin!!! ENJOY!!!! Let us know how it was! :D (like we need to ask!! :rotflmao:)

How exciting!! Can't wait to hear how it went. Sorry I haven't got back to you on the Quorn - I'm not sure, TBH. I know that the tofu is definitely plain in the beginning but I never tried Quorn. You could always get the plain and use all the flavourings from the list in the second week though.
I remember my love for salmon and salad in the beginning! I still love a little spicy coated salmon and salad for dinner...
Have you got your access sorted to the secret management area of the Lighter Life website yet?:cool:
heheheh thanks honey!!! :D Now - who is Gordon Bennett?? :confused::D
It is a version of Gor blimey, which is itself a euphemistic version of God blind me. That, combined with Bennett's famously outrageous lifestyle and newsworthy stunts, is sufficient to explain why his name was picked out.
(Gordon Bennett being a wealthy American whos behaviour was notorious in the late 19th century)

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