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Goodbye Tum
Three tiny little pounds to go till I'm at goal

Had a totally dismal two days really felt low and friends have been talking about how I'll never keep it up etc and how I made them laugh when I was all fat and out of puff from walking etc.

I know I'm going to look after this body I've just given myself hurrah

On a great big positive, I've collected my Councellor forms so soon I'll be able to help other people who are just like me and make lots of new friends xx
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Hi Sarah

Don't sound like very supportive friends...maybe the new skinny you should find some new mates! Well done on your loss...it's now down to you to maintain by changing your eating habits. Good luck!
wow well done on your loss bet you look fantastic.. have you got any before and after pics? omg your such an inspiration..

well done to you xxxxxxx
Well done, you have achieved so much, dont let the begrudgers get you down. I have to agree that your friends dont sound very supportive!!!
How fantastic well done thats just amazing and dont mind them they are just afraid you are going to get all the looks now!
Oh my god dutch, i've been one of the ones who has watched your journey the whole way!!!

You are such an inspiration, people like you and G (porgeous) make me want to succeed this time.

Glad you're going to be a CDC - you'd be perfect hun!!!!

Now, come on, pics please. I DEMAND them :D:D:D

Love you lots xxx
Three weenie pounds - OMG how I long to be there!!!!!
You have done so flamin brilliantly and you should feel so very proud of your achievement. Bet you would never have thought you'd get there way back at the beginning huh!
Well done you - I think you'll be a great counsellor so go for it and I'm sure everyone who meets you will want to be your friend.
Take loads of care - don't let the barstewards grinda ya down!


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Hiya Dutch, 123Lbs that is some going I hope your feeling totally chuffed with your self thats so amazing. As for your friends they don't sound very nice to me I think they are jealous of your new figure. I think they are taking it out on you for there own insecurities but don't let them your worth so much more. :)
You have done so well, those 3 measly pounds will be gone in no time.

As for your so called friends, who needs enemies with those around?! I definitely think you should tell them to sling their hooks and find some that appreciate and love you. Laughing at you? I would have punched her in the chops!

Theresa x
Well done..that is amazing...for me you are inspiration because I had about the same amount to loose and I'm now just under half way there..
You show me it can be done and I can get there too, maybe even for the summer..

Big hugs and congratulations...



Goodbye Tum
Thanks everyone and Leah, you great bully, next week when 'fingers crossed' I'm at goal I will get some pics on. I'm not very technical and will have to get hubby to do something xx
you have being a real inspiration to me dutch so delighted for you lm positive you will keep your new body healthy as we all know this diet is far from a walk in the park may l ask how long did it take you to acheive goal?

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