Throat infection


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Well I've just got back from the docs armed with antibiotics as I have a throat infection! lovely! however the doc said that he thinks its got worse because of the such limited calories. He wanted me to up them to over 1000 but I finally convinced him that the ss+ would be enough. reluctantly he agreed but doesn't want me to go back to ss and wants me to stay on SS+. After having a SS+ day on Saturday on the advice of my CDC because I was really hungry (now realised it was the illness causing this!) i feel I can handle eating without a problem, but still a bit worried it will compromise my weight loss if i stay on ss+ long term.

What do you think?

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Hi Corinna,

Couldn't you do SS+ or even 1000 kcals until your throat infection is over and you finished your antibiotics? I'm sure you will still lose weight although perhaps it won't be as big as on SS. You say you're worried about being on SS+ long term but does it need to be long term? Anyway, I hope your throat gets beter soon :eek:
Agnes x

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I had a throat infection and fever last week and my CDC wanted me to go on 1500, take multi vitamins and make sure I have half pint of milk too. (I was on 3 different meds.)
It's more important to get better first the diet will always be there after. Get well soon


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aww how awful, hope you feel better soon hun


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The differences between SS and SS+ losses are nothing really, a lot of people don't even do SS and still average the stone a month loss. It is still only 600 calories.


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Hope you feel better soon hun xx