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thursdays * hour by hour * thread


please try again
morning girls ( and guys if your around ) suns shining here in sheffield.

not much on today, got the lil madam off on her school bus and am cracking on with my water, had 3L yesterday but for me it wasnt quite enough, i feel better on 4L+

got my line dancing class tonight, bit cheesy to most but hey it gets me out the house and makes me feel young, im the baby of the class by over 2 decades, lol
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enjoy your class! its miserable up north, although there has been some sun. ive had a good day today but feeling hungry now, gonna have a shower i think.

glad the daily thread is back up!


This is the last time!!
I somehow missed this earlier - was skim reading and doing several other things at once!

I've been ok today, had 3 and a bit litres of water and been peeing for England (or in my case, Germany!). I had a good chat with myself last night and feel in a better place emotionally today.

I'm lounging on the sofa in my jammies now having had a lovely Lush bath. Gonna head off to bed soon as hubby is set to arrive home in the early hours, so I figured an early night will help me cope with being up at 1am!

Oooooh! One 'good' thing to report for today - I was taking my son to catch the school but this morning which was early. So I ran the whole way, and wasn't out of puff! I was pleased with myself. I have decided to end each day with a positive thing, so that was mine for today xxx


please try again
evening girls, hope your all having a good one

enjoy your reunion jan! and congrats on the running!

well im back from line dancing and am now completly knackared, tis a good workout for me, cant manage the gym, used to do 4 hours a day but on cambridge that would just have me out cold on the floor

have had 2 shakes so far and 3l of water, so another shake and at least another litre of water before bed, am bloted ATM as its totm, maybe ill get a good loss next week
well the day is over. I have drank so much water today I feel like a little fishie swimming around in a bowl.

I am really craving food this evening, this is my first major crave since I started CD ...so far I havent given in.


please try again
nope no giving in allowed, the feeling will pass hun, have some more water to help it on its way, lol

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