Cambridge Diet! Day One!


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I've always been on the 'larger' side as far as I can remember! I was always the biggest child in my primary school class and the same all the way through comp! For me it's always been the 'norm'.
I've always loved clothes and have always had the confidence to wear what I want no matter what my size. I loved getting my hair and nails done and glamming up on the weekend.
Until very recently my weight has never bothered me all that much! I recently got accepted onto a very demanding university course and with the demands of 12 hour placements combined with the pressure of working a part time job , to say that I've 'let myself go' is a real understatement. I've gained a lot of weight in a very short space of time due to finishing placement at 9/10 in the evenings and grabbing chip shop or any kind of takeaway on the way home instead of preparing healthy meals.
I used to love going out on the weekends but now (when I actually have a weekend to myself) I just close myself in with a takeaway , bags of junk and a few bottles of wine.
I've gotten myself into a real slump lately! I'm so grumpy and constantly tired. I've stopped making an effort with my appearance , I hardly ever wear make up anymore. I just roll out of bed , stick my hair up in a clip and put on whatever's clean just to get out of the door. We recently had a team photograph at work and I couldn't believe what an absolute mess I looked! I felt so embarrassed.
My partner has even commented on how 'different' I am. We recently went on a dream holiday and I wouldn't let him take any photographs of me which upset him.
We're engaged to marry next year and I've decided that I have to do something. I've now started the Cambridge diet. I feel that by losing some weight I can get some quality of life back. I think that it will improve not only my self esteem but also my relationship. I also want a wedding dress that I want and not just 'make do.' I cant think of anything worse than being miserable on your wedding day and hating the photographs.

Today is my first day of a very long journey!

My start weight is 17stone 6 lbs. I don't really have a goal weight as such I suppose I'll just know when my lust for life returns. If anyone else is just starting feel free to get in touch.

Good Luck Everyone X
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Good luck! It's tough at first - make sure you have a list of reasons you are doing this close at hand as your brain will try and talk you out of it! It's fab if you stick to it though :)


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Hi Slimming Bride. 9 days in, how have you been getting on?

I am on day 5 of the Cambridge Diet, step 2. It's been going really well but I'm not feeling much difference so I'm a little worried for my first weigh in.